Friday, November 27, 2009

Suite Dreams by Rachel Hawthorne

Back Cover: Hello, mate! (Practicing my Australian*. How am I doing?) I'm so glad the timing worked out for this couch exchange. I'll be crashing yours by the time you get to mine.** If you run into any problems just find Alyssa. She'll help you out with whatever you need.*** Your couch-swapping mate, Rick. *That's cute. Go have fun in Australia and leave ME- your girlfriend for an entire semester- to waste away on campus, ALONE. **Um, think again. Your couch is already taken. ***Great. Now I've got to find a place for the (unbelievably hot, it turns out) Aussie to crash. But there's only one couch available: the one in MY dorm room. Ha, this was cute and actually wasn't someone in high school! They were in winter break of first year in college so that was cool, I thought all these ones were high schoolers haha but it didn't make much of a difference I mean the same stuff happened, which is kinda good and bad cuz that means people in college do same stuff as people in high school? But then it's like people still have same feelings when they date someone at first no matter how old they are but it was cute and I knew she was gonna fall for that Aussie Jude! They're cute together though. And it was kinda random how they got stuck together in the snow and woods and all but a cute touch I think. I like her and the other books I've read from her and the cover is cute too! Makes me kinda want snow but only during winter break not when my bf has to drive to school no way! haha

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