Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pitch Black: Color me Lost by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: If Morgan thought her life was tough before- what with a drug-addicted, klepto brother and a cradle-robbing mother- it just got worse. Last night, her close friend Jason took his own life. Smart, funny, a good listener, and perfect in just about every way, Jason HArding is gone forever. Someone please wake me up from this nightmare. Jason's death sends Morgan reeling. She copes- or tries to- by attempting to piece together vague clues that might explain her friend's suicide. Making matters worse, Morgan can't help but feel responsible because she wasn't there for her friend when he needed her most. Sometimes she thinks maybe Jason had the right idea all along. Morgan feels los in a pitch-black abyss, and her only way out is to turn back to the one Friend who will never leave her. That was so sad! When I first read that her friend commited suicide I was like no way! And then when she made the suicide pact she seemed so sure, and Grace and Seth did too, and I was like what! What else is gonna be in the rest of the book? It was depressing feeling like that. And I really can't imagine one of your really good friends commitng suicide, that would be so devastating, as it was to those three. And then even more people wanted to commit suicide. It's so sad how teens think killing themselves will solve everything. I mean I've had some rough times but I know they'll go by. Ya know I had a really great life until about when I was 16 and there were a few family issues that seemed unrealistic, they still do today actually, but they passed and became better overtime. Carlson has some great messages for teens. She covers everything so detailed and intricate. She's amazing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Faded Denim: Color me Trapped by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: All of Emily's friends seem so perfect. They're skinny and pretty and, of course, are fun and flirty to boot. Especially Leah, who, as Emily rememberms it, used to be the chubby girl in school. Now Leah is on her way toward becoming America's next top model. Literally. Why can't I look like her? Emily loathes her slightly overweight body, her insecure personality, and sometimes even her "perfect" friends. As Leah and Becca, another gorgeous friend, discuss the latest fashion trends and "magical thigh-reducing creams", Emily's secret bitterness begins to eat away at her soul. Emily takes drastic measures, putting herself in danger of death, which she will avoid only if she comes to terms with the issues weighing down her heavy heart. Amazing book of course! It just made me feel like I was the one getting made fun of, and a few times in my elementary school I was but not because of how I looked, well sometimes, but mostly other things I don't wanna really mention, but bascically I know how it is to be made fun of, not like in the teen sense though, which seems even more harsh. But it really does suck and make you start to doubt yourself, but as long as God on your side you can make it through. Emily becomes anorexic because she wants to look like her best friend Leah. And she's tired of being big. And she isn't patient. That's the thing with trying to lose weight. You have to be patient, and you don't have to necesarrily have to go on a diet. As long as you eat what you should like fruits and vegetables and protein and things like that you'll lose weight. Especially cutting down on pop. I lost 6 lbs by not drinking pop as much, like once a week or less, and eating healthier. Then exercise. So it really is so sad, it tears me up to hear about these stories of bullimia and anorexia. But when you're in that type of atmosphere it gets to ya. but Emily did have God, even though she pushed Him aside she still had him there in her heart. That's what matters most.

Forest Dwellers, Forest Protectors by Richard Reed

Back Cover: The ethnographies in the Cultural Survival Studies inEhtnicity and Change series, edited by David Maybury-Lewis and Theodore MacDonald, Jr., of Cultural Survival, Inc., Harvard University, focuses on key issues affecting indigenous and ethnic groups worldwide. Each title builds on introductory material by going further in-depth and allowing students to explore, virtually first-hand, a particular issue and its impact on a culture. Paperback and brief, each enthography is written in a clear, accessible style for both students and the general reader. So I just had to read this book for my anthropology class and I read the whole thing, it's just 96 pages, but it was pretty interesting, of course kinda boring sometimes but yeah! Woo glad to add on another book to mah evergrowing list! I'm so super right? Being in school reading a book a day along with reading for school and doing homework and studying and working, it's amazing! fo sho

Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls by Zoey Dean

Back Cover: Yale graduate Megan Smith has big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger debt: $75,000 in college loans. She grabs a job at a trashy tabloid, gets fired (small wonder: nothing can make her care which celebrity just got a nose-job), and then gets an offer she just can't refuse. Seventeen-year-old identical twins Rose and Sage Baker are Palm Beach heiresses best known for their massive fortunes and penchant for flashing the paparazzi. Their grandmother offers to pay off Megan's loans if she can tutor the girls and get them into Duke. But the twins aren't about to bend their celebutante schedules to learn algebra. Megan quickly discovers that she has to know her Pucci from her Prada to reach these students. If she can look the part, maybe- just maybe- she can teach them something. What Megan could never imagine is what the whole experience is about to teach her... This was a great book! I loved it because it kinda proved that some famous people anre't all dumb, even though this is just a book. Because famous people are perceived to be dumb, like Paris Hilton ya know? But Megan is just trying to help out the girls, and finds out that she can't write the story she was originally going to, because she actually got to know the girls and they got to know her too. Even though she lost James, she found Will. And things were rocky, but they worked out in the end. There are so many books about the rich people and their lives, but this one is from an outer perspective, a girl who is trying to tutor these two famous ones on taking the SAT, I mean it's like great! haha I liked this book better than the A-list ones actually, Zoey Dean needs to write some more books like this ya know? And it's funny because this took place in Florida, and I just read Tan Lines which was in Florida too, but yeah. And I love the gold bikini, one day I should be able to fit into one like that lol. But yeah, good book for sure.

This Boy's Life A Memoir by Tobias Wolff

Back Cover: This unforgettable memoir of boyhood in the 1950s, a true modern classic, introduces us to the young Toby Wolff, by turns tough and vulnerable, crafty and bumbling. Separated by divorce from his father and bother, Toby and his mother are constantly on the move. As he fights for identity and self-respect against the unrelenting hostility of a new stepfather, his experiences are at once poignant and comical, and Wolff masterfully re-creates the frustrations, cruelties, and joys of adolescence. His various schemes- running away to Alaska, forging checks, and stealing cars- lead eventually to an act of outrageous self-invention that releases him into a new world of possibility. So I read this book for my english class, Masculinity and Violence. so focusing on what it means to be masculine and how the book fits into that with violence and other things. I'd say it was a pretty good book, but it didn't really have a climax. There were some major events, but nothing that was like the big point of the story. And the ending was kinda like eh. But it is another book out the way for my book count! I'm glad I have to read books for english ya know? But it was a good book that did have some characters, including the main one Jack, that were dealing with masculinity and violence.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tan Lines by Katherine Applegate

Back Cover: Summer can't wait to get back to the Florida Keys. She, Marquez, and Diana have already decided to get an apartment so they can spend the whole summer together. But even with her friends by her side, Summer is in for more bay trouble. Summer's boyfriend, Seth, is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but he's all the way across the country in California. Enter Austin, the hottie from spring break whom Summer hasn't stopped thinking about. With Austin flirting 24/7 and Seth hundreds of miles away, Summer is about to learn about true love... Def a good book with alot of wow things. I know I was so pissed off about Summer being with Austin because she was cheating basically. But then I guess Seth did the same thing with Diana. It was crazy. There's so many things to even think about in this book and I really don't feel like telling it right now. But it was for sure a great book and a good summer read too or a read for when you wish it was summer right? But there is alot of drama for sure.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blade Silver: Color me Scarred by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: Ruth Wallace knows she can hide the scars on her amrs for only so long. Who wears long sleeves all summer? Cutting herself doesn't make Ruth's problems disappear, but at least it helps her cope- or soshe thinks. Her dad is a nightmare, her mother is lost in a medicated reamland, and her brother can't handle their family like any more than she can. This is just my way of dealing with the pain. Ruth's new crush, Glen Collins, and her good friend Abby are starting to get suspicious. Hopefully they can help Ruth heal her scars- the ones she hides and the ones she can't- before something terrible happens. This was so emotional and wow. I just love Melody Carlson, I know I say it everytime right? But I just got sucked into it and it was SO REAL! I could feel the pain she was and imagine how she was feeling. It was just so hopeless and desolate and depressing. And her parents, when her dad is yelling at her and calling her names, it's so horrible! and her mom just walking around without a care, all medicated and everything. It was so sad! and when she took out her blade and is just cutting herself over and over, it's like she says she's gonna stop, but I know she won't! and I mean I have cut myself a few times, but I don't have scars, it was very stupid I admit, and I'm glad I didn't become addicted to it like her. And that she found help! And accepted it! These color books have perfect colors to go with the emotions and the situations thousands of teenagers see themselves in. They really are helpful and you learn alot, not only because of the situation, but because of the lessons they get about God I've learned a few things ya know? These are just so amazing. I really recommend them to everyone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming Queen by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: The Carter House experiences a shake-up as one of its own returns home after an unnerving disappearing act. Then, friction grows as a school homecoming queen race heats up, turning friends and housemates against one another. DJ, Eliza, Taylor, Kriti, Rhiannon, and Casey show they have plenty of lessons to learn as the votes roll in. Some grow smarter and closer to God, while others seem to make the same mistakes over again. Despite their differences and disagreements, the Carter House girls continue to grow together, forging a bond that strengthens through hardship. Hearts can change, and friendship paves the way for at least one girl to move closer to God. Another amazing book and some things were surprising! It was so sad that DJ has to be in physical therapy and in so much pain but what she did was def heroic and amazing. For some reason, when I saw the title Homecoming Queen, I immediately thought it would be DJ, just because like she's a normal girl, but everyone likes her and can relate to her. And it kinda reminded me of me! Because I got prom queen, and I am like not even that popular or anything but it was great, because I had a dream of me and boyfriend winning, and we won for senior prom! the best ever, anyways I'm glad DJ won, but who knows how Eliza felt! They didn't mention her, because they did say Taylor was happy! Who knows, the next book will reveal. And with Casey, she is just a troublemaker, but at least she's trying to change and she has really great friends to help her along the way! This is an addicting series too and cna't wait to read the next one although that will probably be in a while, oh well. also i love the dress on the cover. pink is my favorite color, and it looks so cute!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stealing Bradford by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: The Carter House Girls are just getting to know one another when the subject of boys comes up. Rhiannon's dating Bradford, a fellow Christian and the most popular jock in the school; Eliza's seeing Harry; and DJ was dating Connor, although now he acts as if he doesn't like her. Boys aren't always easy to understand, but many girls in the house want a boyfriend- and will do just about anything to get one. So when Taylor decides to put the moves on Bradford, Rhiannon is shocked and hurt. Mistakes are made and feelings battered... there is forgiveness for some and bitterness for other... but at the end of the day, the girls learn a valuable lesson about what it means to be a family. I thought this was a great book! Melody Carlson's books just flow, like the words just come naturally and so does the story, I love that about her, she's just an amazing author that's for sure, anyways. I like this story because it shows how revenge doesn't do any good, it may temporarily, but in the long run will just come back to hurt you. I was pretty surprised Casey did that, but then again it kinda makes sense because she just seemed to hate Taylor so much, and Taylor did seem extremely annoying and mean most of the time, but then again, you don't know that person, so they probably have a reason they're like that, they're not all they think they are, or what you think they are, although her taking Bradford away was horrible! and DJ is so great, she's unsure, but she still commits. Kriti you don't hear as much about, more from Eliza and Rhiannon, but that's ok. They're all a weird bunch of girls, but they're learning to get along I think.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gorgeous by Rachel Vail

Front Flap: She's looking good...but Allison Avery can't believe it. Growing up with beautiful, blonde sisters, Allison has always been the dark-haired, "interesting-looking" Avery. So when the devil shows up and offers to make her gorgeous, Allison jumps at the chance to finally get noticed. But there's one tiny catch, and it's not her soul: The devil wants her cell phone. Though her deal with the devil seems like a good idea at the time, Allison soon realizes that being gorgeous isn't as easy as it looks. Are her new friends and boyfriend for real, or do they just like her pretty face? Allison can't trust anyone anymore, and her possessed phone and her family's financial crisis aren't making things any easier. Plus, when she finds out that she might be America's next teen model, all hell breaks loose. Allison may be losing control, but how far is she willingto go to stay gorgeous forever? I liked it. That's that. I wasn't like the best ever. But it was alright. I must admit I didn't care for the devil part, I mean I dunno it was just kinda weird but hey, it's a book, but still! And then I was happy I read the first book, Lucky, I didn't even know this was the second one though until I saw it on I think the back and was like oh! So some parts I recognized from the Lucky book, so I'm not sure if there's the next book out, but I'm sure I'll try to read it, why not I read the first two! And also that summary is kinda misleading to me because Allison never even has a boyfriend, he's just a fling, and she only gets one new friend, Roxie, not a whole bunch. But anyways, I like the cover too. Nail polish makes me sad cuz I can't wear it on my fingernails working at a fast food restaurant, but yeah.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Diva Without a Cause by Grace Dent

Back Cover: Fifteen-year-old Shiraz Bailey Wood's days are filled with hanging around outside Calire's Accessories, her parents work crap jobs, and her school is pretty much loser central. But this lovable British dreamer with a brain and a heart of gold is beginning to feel there might be a lot more to life than minimum wage and the bling of a souped-up car. I thought this book was ok. At first it kinda seemed like uhm I don't wanna finish reading this because it's not going so good but I don't have time to be restarting books ya know? But it got better and I got used to the langauge. It was really weird to read like that, I wonder if people really talk like that? probably, but it was funny the glossary in the back and Shiraz was pretty hilarious. I also love the cover, it's so funny, like a total diva pose ya know. There is a second book coming out, if I see it at the library I'd probably get it but I'm most likely not gonna search for it, but anyways. Yeah, it was alright.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Back Cover: Scarlett Martin has grown up in a most unusual way. Her family owns the Hopewell, a small Art Deco hotel in the heart of New York City. When each of the Martins turns 15, they are expected to take over the care of a suite. For Scarlett's fiteenth birthday, she gets both a room called the Empire Suite and a permanent house guest named Mrs. Amberson. Scarlett doesn't quite know what to make of this C-list starlet and world traveler. And when she meets Eric, an astonishingly gorgeous actor who has just moved to the city, her summer takes a second unexpected turn. Before the summer is over, Scarlett will have to survive a whirlwind of thievery and romantic missteps. But in the city where anything can happen, she just might be able to pull it off. I thought this was an amazing story. It just felt different to me than others.
And the key cover is so cute with it being buildings on the key I noticed that like halfway through the book haha. But Scarlett is great, and this thing going on with her brother Spencer is so great. That they're so close. Then Lola and Marlene being close. And Marlene had leukemia, sadness! But it was just like a family thing because you could tell they had their ways, but those ways got messed up over the summer. Mrs. Amberson was a character alright, but also funny. And someone you would wanna be around with those connections, and nice money tips too! But I saw there's another book after this one and I'll def wanna see whatsup with that theater in the hotel thing. I'm sure it'll work out good, but what drama is gonna come up next? I also thought this book was pretty thick, but I thank goodness managed to finish it tonight! I've been reading a book a day for a while so I gotta keep it up. It's a really big challenge with school but I'm determined to make my goal!!

Killer Cruise by Jennifer Shaw

Back Cover: Pool 1, Caribbean Deck Met HOT crewmember while soaking up the sun! The Santorini Restaurant, Olympia Deck Heard about last year's mysterious disappearance on board. What could have happened? Movie Theater, Fiesta Deck Still can't stand horror flicks. Too scary. Paris Boutique, Panama Deck Then again, so was my near-death fall overbaord last night...Glamorous Spa, Bermuda Deck Must relax. No one's trying to kill me- I'm just being paranoid. Club Paradise, Diablo Deck But what if someone does want me dead? Interesting description on the back of the book, it's different i like it and then i don't like it haha. But this was a great book! It was suspenseful and scary! I actually got scared. Books that get me in the moment like that and make me feel like the character are the best kind! And somewhere near the end I kind had a suspicion that it was Charlotte, I don't remember what part but it just seemed absurd but it was! Man, I'm glad it worked out for Logan and her. even though just because someone kisses really good doesn't mean they can't be a killer cuz she said it like oh someone who kisses that good can't be a killer haha yeah right even though he wasn't but still lol.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Angels on Sunset Boulevard by Melissa de la Cruz

Back Cover: The Angel's Practice, or TAP, is the kind of cult that doesn't exist. There are no rules and no records, just a Myspace-like website. All you need to know is that it will define who you are and what you will become. Admist the glittering L.A. nightlife, TAP parties are the place to see and be seen, especially in the exclusive back room. Taj and her rocker boyfriend, Johnny, are TAP elite, so when Taj meets preppie outside Nick at a party, she doesn't give him a second thought. But then Johnny goes missing, along with Nick's sister. And suddenly Taj and Nick are teaming up to question TAP's darker side... This was an intriguing book. It was kinda weird, and I wanted to knwo what the heck happened in that back room. At first I thought I had an idea cuz it said she took off her shirt and bra, and then I was pretty much kinda right. And that's really weird stuff? And the buying people stuff thing I kinda didn't understand either. all I know is that I got hooked on it, even though I wasn't exactly sure what was going on. And I kinda have to admit I don't like the ending. I mean it sounds like there's another book? But it just ends so like abruptly ya know? no closure or anything, no conclusion haha. kinda left me hanging, or that's what I felt like! But it was def intense and I love Melissa de la Cruz so I gotta check it out to see if there's another cuz if so then i'm in!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deep Green: Color me Jealous by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: Jordan Ferguson and Shawna Frye became good friends a few months back- when Jordan made cheerleader and started hanging with a new group of friends. That's how the Timothy Lawrence incident happened. A sick, twisted love triangle. When Timothy suddenly dumps Shawna- to start seeing Jordan- rumors start flying. Shawna gets her revenge, first by smearing her former friend's reputation. Then she steals back Timothy by tempting him with an offer he can't refuse. Jordan feels absolutely green with envy- so much so that she considers doing everything in her power to get him bacl. Everything. Luckily, her old friend Kara Hendricks has been down that road too and knows Someone who just might be able to help Jordan as well. Of course this book was amazing! It was def crazy the things that Jordan was doing to get back Timothy. It's insane to think how much girls thinks of guys and the future while the guy could probably care less. And it's sad how some friends are today, like the saying goes, with friends like that who needs enemies? And I'm just glad I did not have to deal with that in high school at all! I mean, not now either. I have two best friends who are actually my best friends, and would never do any crazy stuff like that to me or me to them either! And I'm glad that Jordan found her way to God because the things she was thinking were pretty wild. I must admit I've been kinda crazy too, but God is there to reel me back in! Thank goodness for Him, right? And there should be more books out there like these that address the real types of problems with teenagers and how they can be solved.

Dark Blue: Color me Lonely by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: Kara Hendricks and Jordan Ferguson have been best friends since kindergarten. By now- sophomore year- they're more like sisters, really. Jordan has always been the leader in the friendship, but still she's the perfect friend. That is, until she starts to hang with a new, "cool" crowd and decides Kara is a popularity liability. Best friends forever? Yeah, right. Devastated, Kara feels betrayed and abandoned by everyone- even God. How could Jordan do this? Why did God let this happen? Yet for all the hurt and insecurity, these dark blue days contain a life-changing secret. Now that Jordan is gone, Kara has the chance to discover something about herself that she never knew before. But first, she must learn to trust again. It won't be easy. This was an inspiring book for sure. These color books are so amazing, because they focus on one feeling and it's like it's happening to you. I think I already said something like that, but it's so true! And it felt so sad when Kara was all alone like that, I felt horrible for her. I mean, I've never felt that really before, but I can understand the feeling because not that I'm lonley in college, but I feel that I don't fit in. But I have my boyfriend with me, and God, so I'll be ok. Anyways, then it was nice she got to find some new friends, but was still kinda pining for Jordan, which makes sense. And then when Edgar told the news that his mom hung herself, I almost started to cry, especially talking about the funeral since I was at a funeral last month and it was really hard. But I know my great-grandpa is in heaven and without all the pain he had and I miss him alot! But it's good for me to read some Christian books about teens ya know, I learned stuff in the book and it's relatable. But it's interesting because the next book is in Jordan's life now so we'll see what happens to her!

Fool's Gold: Color me Consumed by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: All in all, Hannah Johnson is pretty happy as a missionary kid. InPapua New Guinea, no one worries about fancy clothes or credit card limits- everyone has other things to think about. But when Hannah visits her cousin Vanessa for a summer in America, everything changes. All that glitters isn't gold. Vanessa and her friends try to catch Hannah up on all the latest fasion trends, but in the end, Hannah feels hopeless. She doesn't think she'll ever be able to keep up with the rich girls, but that doesn't stop her from trying. In the process, Hannah is forced to come to grips with what she values most: beauty on the outside or beauty on the inside. This was a great book. Melody Carlson is an amazing author, with her Christian books come really good lessons. I can understand how Hannah got caught up in the world of famous designers. I mean, she lived with people who went shopping like that, so who wouldn't pick up the same type of habits? But like she was thinking when she was driving Vanessa's car back from the party, with those rich people in their rich clothes driving their fancy car, are they really happy? And so she figures out that what she's doing isn't necessary and prays to God and He helps, of course He does. I know this happens to lots of people, the shopaholic, like the books! Those are great books too, but anyways, I liked it because of how she talked too it was cute and funny. And it was a good idea to have all the colors according to different emotions or like the theme of the book.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot

Back Cover: In her heart of hearts, Mia has but on wish: an evening spent with Michael in a tux and a corsage on her wrist- in other words, the PROM. Michael, however, does not seem to share the dream that is the prom. Worse still, a service workers strike (with Grandmere and Lily at the heart of it and on opposite sides) threatens the very existence of this year's prom. Will the strike end in time? Can Mia talk Michael out of his anti-prom views? Most importantly, will Mia get to wear her pink prom dress? The cover is so cute! And it was a great book like always with princess Mia. It was def surprising what happened with the whole thing with Lily and Jangbu, because Boris and her seemed so great together. then it was weird that Tina got together with Boris, I'm kinda hoping Lily will get him back in the next book! And Tina can find someone else ya know? Then Mia with her obsession of the PROM! ha. It would be really sad though if you wanted to go and your date really did not, unless you did something way better like still got to dress up and go to some amazing club or another party or something, but when does that happpen? lol. And yay, the baby! Rocky. It seems to go good with that family, I dunno why, but that's great! Until the next princess diaries book...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Project Princess by Meg Cabot

Back Cover: Hammer in hand, Princess Mia embarks on an epic adventure for one so admittedly unhandy: Along with her cohorts from school, she's off to build houses for the less fortunate. It doesn't take Mia long to realize that helping other- while an unimpeachably noble pastime- is very hard work. Will her giving spirit prevail? Will the house collapse due to royally clumsy construction? And most importantly, will Michael stop working long enough to kiss her? I read this in like 20 minutes or somethin! HAHA YES! One more book down and really fast too, go me! lol. Of course Mia is her sassy self and loving her bf Michael. But it was just a cute little in between story which I'm sure it was meant to be like that and now on to the next one!

The Spring of Candy Apples by Debbie Viguie

Back Cover: A promotion to The Zone's Candy Counter means Candace gets to create gooey treats all day long. She is a finalist for The Zone's college scholarship (Florida, anyone?), but things with Kurt are getting really weird, and she's bothered by all the questions about her future. Not unlike the challenge of making candy apples, Candace struggles to resist getting stuck and believe in what is truly at her core. YAY! Finally Josh and Candace together at the end! Everyone saw it but her man, but it was so cute! And amazing, I knew she would win that scholarship! But I really enjoyed reading this little seasons series, it was great. And Candace is an amazing person. And to add on to it, is the fact that it's a Christian book, and I learned some things myself, or didn't think of before. It's a positive book, where not everyone always gets what they want but that's ok and to accept yourself. And the characters were great! I'll be sad not to be reading about her anymore! haha

The Winter of Candy Canes by Debbie Viguie

Back Cover: Christmas is coming! An elf outfit and the minty scent of what seems like a gazillion candy canes aren't the only adjustments for Candace. Her biggest worry- what to get her boyfriend for Christmas- turns into a much larger project after Candace is reminded that real needs can be hiding right around the corner. Can this elf capture the true meaning of Christmas in time to make a difference? Of course I loved it. It just captures the season so well! I love getting presents for people and wrapping them and getting amazing cards to send to people. And decorating is so fun too! But anyways, I'm glad finally Becca and Roger got together! And it was so sad to find out about Sue. I kinda guessed that her mother died, but I didn't think of both her parents! And I wanna know what Josh's secret is, I guess they say his parents are famous but I wonder what will be revealed in the last book and if Candace gets together with Josh because I think they'd go perfect together! Then if Tamara dates Josh's brother than it'll be fun to all hang out together right? Ha, on to the last book sadly! I love them but it's a cute little 4 book series.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fall of Candy Corn by Debbie Viguie

Back Cover: Fall is in the air, and without completely knowing why, Candace Thompson has signed up to continue what was supposed to be a short-term summer job at the local theme park. Working with Kurt doesn't hurt, but a surprising kink involving her youth group, as well as the shock of an unexpected setback, threaten to be more painful. Candace's autumn holds as many surprises as her summer. I LOVE IT! :] These are so cute, and they portray the season in a great way! Candy is so just fun and it's just easy to read and go along with. I kinda think she should be with Josh though! And while I was reading, I was eating some candy corn, how perfect huh? Ha. But this one was more intense than the summer one, and kinda scary, especially with those creepy guys! I can sympathise with that, I hate when guys hit on me and bother me, yuck. And yeah, I hope they tell us the secret that Josh told Candy, cuz they mentioned it and I bet they will in the next one. It makes you want to know even more! And I don't think Kurt is right for Candy, they don't click well. But on to the next one, man I read this one fast, good! hehe

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Summer of Cotton Candy by Debbie Viguie

Back Cover: Most people think The Zone is an amusement oark, but Candace Thompson it's really a slave labor camp. What else would you call a summer job that requires sixteen-ear-old girl to set aside her whole social life for the privilege of standing out in the hot sun selling cotton candy? Still, tgere are perks- particularly the mysterious guy in the Lone Ranger costume. Behind that mask are the most amazing eyes Candace has ever seen. Who is that masked man? This book was cute! I love the cover and I've wanted to read these books for a while. And I just realized all the titles have candy in it for the main character Candace, nicknamed Candy while working at the amusement park. It was just a fun summer book that made me miss summer even more and not wanna go to school haha. And cotton candy is great! Plus my best friend worked at the cotton candy stand for the Puyallup fair, haha. But on to the next one, I can read these pretty fast thank goodness so I can reach my goal. It's getting harder everyday man!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti

Front and Back Flap: Ruby McQueen is a sixteen-year-old high school student with the name, she thinks, of a rodeo cowgirl porn star, or, maybe worse, a Texas beauty queen runner-up. Her mother, Ann, one of the town librarians, was reading too much Southern literature before Ruby was born, and Chip, Ruby's father, who was already dreaming of Nashville stardom, thought it would make a great stage name someday. Soon after Chip Jr. was born, Chip left to try his luck in the music business and ended up at the Gold Nugget Amusement Park one state over. He returns occasionally for visits that turn Ann's heart upside down, and Ruby's stomach inside out. It is summer in the northwest town of Nine Mile Falls, a place where brown bears sometimes show up in the shopping mall and people in hang gliders soar down the mountains anbd sometimes get stuck dangling from the trees. Ruby, ordinarily dubbed The Quiet Girl, finds herself hanging out with gorgeous, rich, thrill-seeking Travis Becker. With Travis, Ruby can be someone she's never been before: Fearless. Powerful. But Ruby is in over her head, and finds she is risking more and more when she's with him. In an effort to keep Ruby occupied and mend her own broken heart, Ann drags Ruby to the weekly book club she runs for seniors. At first Ruby can't imagine a more boring way to spend an afternoon, but she is soon charmed by the Casserole Queens (named, quite ironically, after women who bring casseroles to new widowers' home in hopes of snagging a husband). When the group discovers one of their own members is the subject of the tragic love story they are reading, Ann and Ruby ditch their respective obsessions to spearhead a reunion between the long-ago lovers. But this mission turns out to be more than just a road trip. Somewhere along the way Ruby and her mother learn the true meaning of love and freedom from it, individual purpose, and the real ties that bind. Wow, that was an extremely long summary huh? I think the longest I've seen yet! Well, this book was good but I wasn't too impressed with it. I dunno I kinda just felt like I've read the same thing before somewhere else. But there were def some good quotes in there about life and love and things like that. And I love to hear stories of true love because I know it's out there. My great-grandparents were married for 68 years, and my great-grandpa just died this past August. It was devastating. But it shows that you can stay with the same person your whole life like you should when you get married. And Ruby and her mom Ann in this book are def people who didn't do that and get caught up I guess into the idea of someone. So the book did connect things to real life and all but it just kinda seemed like not like I was glued to the book. But yeah.

As Seen on T.V. by Sarah Mlynowski

Back Cover: When Sunny Langstein decides to pick up her Florida life and move in with her boyfriend in Manhattan, her big sister isn't thrilled. What modern-day twenty-four-year-old leaves her promising career, fabulous friends and perfect underground packing spot with accompanying convertible for... a guy? Only, Sunny has an additional incentive: the chance to star on Party Girls, the latest reality-television show. True, she might become a national laughingstock and it pays nothing, BUT it's a job- a job in Manhattan. She'll get to be with her boyfriend, Steve. Okay, so she can't tell anyone she isn't single but with freebie designer clothes, alpha-beta peels and coconut-cream pedicures to make her transformation into a made-for-TV single girl complete... she can't lose! Yet when the show's premiere plunges Sunny into a media frenzy of talk shows, tampon endorsements, TV heartthrobs and S&M toys, how long will it take for Sunny Lang the Uber Fashionista Single Superstar, begins? I thought this was pretty good, it did def remind me of L.A. Candy, but then it kinda veered off a little bit where it turned kinda different. Sunny is hilarious, and you could see how when she bgan she wasn't caring about fashion or designer clothes too much and just wanted to get a job and be with her boyfriend, but she slowly starts to become obssessed with the show and what people think of her on the show that it takes first place in her life, moving Steve out the way! It was especially sad when he proposed to her and she said no and started saying how people could see, sadness! I so wanted them to make up, and they did yay, but no marrying yet! Michelle seemed nice but was really takiTng advantage of things. Erin and Brittany, I dunno just seem like typical wannabes or something. That's how being a star can make you, so it is really great to see when stars aren't like that. But this one took a while I will hopefully start with the one a day again but I started school and had to do alot of reading for class so ya know, but I can do it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sticky Fingers by Niki Burnham

Back Cover: Bulletproof, that's how Jenna Kassarian sees herself. It's all about control: As long as she works hard, nothing can hurt her. So Jenna constantly pushes- for perfect grades, the ideal boyfriend, the best best friend. The only problem is, she doesn't know if she can stop. If she relaxes even for a second, she's afriad she'll lose control completely. Then Jenna decides it's now or never. She goes to a party and has one drink. But one drink is all it takes for her perfect fcade to shatter. Suddenly she realizes straight A's can't protect you in the real world. This was a good book, but I kinda don't like the summary of the book because they make it seem like the party that happens at the end is like some real crazy thing at the beginning, but I guess it kinda does make sense. Since Courtney steals that nail polish, then Jenna is confused about it and with her boyfriend Scott, which leads to the question of him putting that drug in her drink. I can't believe he would do that! And they've been going out a year, I mean he obviously had to like/love her somewhat for waiting but still, that's just disgusting! But the title is appropriate of course. But Jenna kinda made me annoyed sometimes, I dunno what. Just cuz I'm like chill, just like everyone else. Ya gotta work hard and have fun too! Like mee haha. But school is def number one priority, speaking of I start tomorrow! Wish me luck :] I'll be having anthro and english tomorrow!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Monkey Business by Sarah Mlynowski

Back Cover: MB is for a Master's in Business degree. Supposedly. It's also for. Multiple Bed-hopping. Definitely Kimmy's favorite subject. And who cares if her conquests are already taken? If only business school offered a minor in boyfriend embezzlement... Monogamous Boyfriend. Russ didn't intend to be unfaithful- he never thought he'd find one woman who wanted him, let alone two. But since he can't even pick a major, how can he choose a girlfriend? Marriage Bait. Layla's obssessed with perfection: perfect grades, perfect six-figure salary, perfect New York investment-banker husband. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans... Misleading Behavious. Jamie might be a jokester, but he has more secrets than the CIA, including one whammy that could get him expelled. Temptations. Drama. Beer Bashes. How will they ever find time to study? This was a really good book too! I think I find myself liking books with different people telling their story but having a common ground where they know each other and for relationships. Because it's just so personal you get to see each person individually by themselves. But I hated how Russ was cheating on Sharon with Kimmy. It just made me so pissed off! I dunno why, I mean because I just don't understand how people can cheat. Maybe it's just like a pet peeve or something, I dunno. It isn't fun to me to read about it! But besides that sometimes when there was talk of business type things I was just like la la reading stuff I don't understand... haha. But I loved it! She's a really great author. And I like how it's not a teen book haha I am def trying to read as many of those as I can before I'm not really interested in them or ya know too old for them, but I dunno, it seems harder to find books for young women like in their twenties, but whatever. Ha, it was a good book though. Oh and also I dunno how they could stand having a bathroom for women and men! I guess it was good for some people though but it'd be really weird to me.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Front Flap: When Alice was ten, Ray took her away from her family, her friends- her life. She learned to give up all power, to endure all pain. She waited for the nightmare to be over. Now Alice is fifteen and Ray still has her, but he speaks more and more of her death. He does not know it is what she longs for. She does not know he has something more terrifying than death in mind for her. This is Alice's story. It is one you have never heard, and one you will never, ever forget. WOW! This was sooooo just terrifying! I couldn't believe this was happening to this girl, the narrator. ually and just got whatever he wanred from her sexually and she did it and then afterwards he had the nerve to go and say oh because I love you. It's sickening, it really is! I mean I know there are people out there like that, but this made it so realistic and felt like you were right there along with everything happening. And then him wanting to get another little girl! She's been mistreated so badly that she can't wait for the little girl to replace her, how vile is that. I was so heartbroken, even though I know in my head it's just a story, but it probably really isn't because I'm sure it has happened alot to little girls everywhere in the world and it's really scary. I know when I have a kid, I am going to be keeping my eye on them 24/7 when they're not in the houseI mean jeez! But it was def different from Elizabeth Scott but that'ypes of thinse it proves she can write different types of things and they're all really good.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Breaking Point by Alex Flinn

Front Flap: "We many need to plant a bomb in Old Lady Zaller's classroom." These simple words will change Paul Richmond's life forever. Paul is new to Gate, a school whose rich students make life miserable for anyone not like them. And Paul is definitely not like them. Then something incredible happens. Charlie Good, a star student and athlete, invites Paul to join his elite inner circle. All Charlie wants is a few things in return-small things that Paul does willingly. And then, one day, Charlie wants something big. How far will Paul go to fit in? I wanted to read another book by Alex Flinn because Beastly was so good, and this one was def really good too. I can't believe this author is a women and not a man because the way she has the characters act and talk and think is so right one. And this isn't no silly book, this is serious business! And stuff like this could probably happen ya know? And it is scary not knowing how crazy people are. And I guess it makes sense that Paul is mad at the rich people for being so snotty and rich and making fun of him, but let it be and what goes around comes around. It was def intense and sometimes relationships like those between Charlie and Paul just don't make any sense. But it just shows the same thing of what people will do to become liked or popular. Def gonna try to read more of her books.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fishbowl by Sarah Mlynowski

Back Cover: Allison can't wait for Jodine and Emma to move in to her apartment- until she realizes having roommates means living in a fishbowl: You are never alone. When one small, slightly accidental fire leads to one big repair bill, all efforts to avoid each other are finally abandoned: They've got to raise money... fast ("Insurance? You mean you have to pay for that?"). This means joining forces. Bonding? Well, at least they're talking to each other! Amazingly, they agree on a plan: shamelessly exploit their combined expertise on the male species for hard cash. Tactics: sell tickets to their swanky soirees and How to Pick up Women seminars... But their grand scheme sweeps awry any last shreds of privacy with startling consequences. Now that they're forced to take a long, hard look at themselves, Allie, Jodine and Emma's lives- and budding friendship- are about to change, in ways they never imagined... This was soooo much better than Milkrun I think. I loved this one! I like books that have different perspectives of people and they're together in the same story and how they each have their own turn to talk, cuz it makes it so realistic that you're getting to know all 3 of them personally. Then the parts with the random narrators that was funny and different, I liked it! I couldn't believe that Clint and Emma were doing that behind poor Allie's back! She's so sweet and cute sounding! hehe. Then sometimes Jodine's habits were really annoying and some of the stuff she thought I was like what the heck! She's crazy haha. Then Emma is like the sexy one I guess, but she just keeps going back to Nick. I guess she's the one other girls wanna be like and get advice from, kinda like Allie. And I can totally relate to Allie's fingerbiting problem cuz I do the same thing but with my skin, I know it's gross! I have to stop! If she can I can haha and she's not even real right? But hopefully the other books I got from her are this good even though they are kinda long!! I gotta keep the reading of a book a day to reach my goal and I so have to do it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Milkrun by Sarah Mlynowski

Back Cover: Of all the ways to find myself Single Again, this has to be the worst. A "Dear Jackie" email from my supposed boyfriend, who claimed to be "finding himself" in Thailand. Instead, he's found someone else. And dumped me. But I, Jackie Norris, will bounce back! I will become Crazy Dating Girl and prove to Jilting Jeremy that I am over him! One snag: Why do all the guys I meet either have groping hands, lunatic tendencies or a worrying interest in putting up shelves? I need a man who wants to rip my clothes off, feed me pizza, then have stimulating, intelligent conversation. single in Boston- c'mon, there has to be someone! I love the cover, silly of me! :] But it's so cute and makes the milk look all exotic, but milk is yummy. Anyways, I liked the book, but it wasn't amazing! But Jackie reminds me of Mia from Princess Diaries, like the way she writes stuff and says certain things about guys. It's a funny book though. Especially that guy Tim who he reaches his peak having sex in like less than a minute! WTH! Is that even possible? I wouldn't know haha. But it's funny the people she meets, or more like guys she meets. But I didn't really see a point, like I mean stuff happens and she doesn't end up with a guy at the end, but I dunno. Something feels like it's missing I guess.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot

Front Flap: Never before has the world seen such a princess. Nor have her own subjects, for that matter. Mia's royal introduction to Genovia has mixed results: while her fashion sense is widely applauded, her position on the installation of public parking meters is met with resistance. But the politics of bureaucracy are nothing next to Mia's real troubles. Between canceled dates with her long-sought-after royal consort, a second semester of the dreaded algebra, more princess lessons from Grandmere as a result of the Genovian parking-meter thing, and the inability to stop gnawing on her fingernails, isn't there anything Mia is good at besides inheriting an unwanted royal title? I think this one was good, but not like the other three. For some reason I think it's just because Mia is putting herself down like every single day! And comapring herself to a Kate Bosworth type girl who can surf. I mean, it's like shut up! Michael loves you and is going out with you stop going crazy! Ha. But the parking meter thing is funny. And of course Grandmere is crazy. What else is new? So sad that tina's boyfriend breaks up with her! But good thing she has great friends to pick her back up to her reading novels like once a day. Kinda like me, but not all romance ones ha. And Shameeka making the cheerleaders, think there might be some stuff in the net book about it? But then it was so sweet how Michael brought the screening room to Mia. So cute! But I'm not sure what the title is exactly referring to but oh well. I like this cover though. Wait I know now, cuz she was waiting to see Michael and go on their first date right?