Monday, June 29, 2009

Adored by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Brett got assigned to do the Secret Santa assignments and also the holiday ball. But little did she know that someone was gonna ruin it for her. Heath Ferro, of course. Sent out an email telling everyone to give each other dirty gifts. So then people are giving chocolate penises, edible massage oils, and lots of other inappropriate things. Then Jenny agrees to have some freshman girls film her for their class, but realizes it's really not too gamorous having them in her face all day and night watching her put on make-upp. Not too exciting. Then Tinsley isn't sure about going out with Jullian anymore, when she finds out he isn't a virgin. And Callie is using Sebastain to get over Easy, when Brett is really the one that likes him and vice versa. Another crazy time with the four girls. I loved it! I still can't believe it's not even Christmas break yet for them and it's the 8th book, but that's good then you'll know for sure way more books are coming out right? :]

Friday, June 26, 2009

Westminister Abby by Micol Ostow

Abby is going to London. And amazingly, her parents suggested it, but only because they wanted her away from her boyfriend James. But he was cheating on Abby the whole time. So Abby goes to London and makes a good friend in Zoe, who doesn't seem to be the type of friends she would've, a girl with green hair and a punk rock attitude and wear. Then she meets Ian and they hang out. The bad thing, James uses the ticket she gave him a while ago to come visit her. And she's not really sure what to do. Then there's the fact that her parents are still keeping extremely close eye on her and everything she's doing. Abby has to figure out what she wants and how to start being the new Abby. It was cute, I wanna try to read all these S.A.S.S books, I love culture!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cupidity by Caroline Goode

Laura Sweeney is trying to find a boy to go to the homecoming dance with! So she pleads to the Roman God and Cupid comes to help, disguised as Cupidity, this new girl who has all the guys falling head over heels for her. But Laura gets suspcious of these weird couples popping up outta nowhere, including one of her best friends Peter with Megan, the cheerleading captain. And Jake, the prep king, with Emma whose all gothic. So she investigates and discovers this magical power of Cupid's is real. But how is she gonna get things back to normal when Cupidity gets hit by her own arrow too? It was cute. I liked the idea of it, at first when the Roman gods were talking to themselves and stuff i was like wth? But then it was just part of the story. Ha, but def creative and a good read

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting to Third Date by Kellu McClymer

Katelyn is giving up on guys. She has a third date rule. But the truth is, she hasn't even gone on a third date before. She's in her first year of college and is Mother Hubbard, who gives out advice to the students about relationships and love. Only a few people know she's Mother Hubbard, since it's annonymous. One of them is her crush, Tyler. To make things more juicy for the paper he challenges her to pick three guys to go on that third date and give them another chance, the first two don't go very well, but then the third time with Stephen, she actually likes him back and they go out. But will it even last? It was a pretty good book, it reminded me of When It Happens because of the annonymous thing, but it was pretty cute.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty Things by Sarra Manning

This is about Charlie, Daisy, Brie, and Walker. They all tell their story as the book goes through. They're in a drama club over the summer where the teacher, is kinda weird. And they all bitch and complain about the roles they get. The thing is, they're all twisted up into their relationships. Brie and Charlie are best friends, and Charlie is gay. But Brie thinks she loves Charlie, and he's not going for it. Because he thinks he's in love with Walker, and Walker is straight. Then Daisy is gay and has a girlfriend back at some peace camp, but Walker thinks he's in love with her. But they both fight and aren't very likable to each other. It all comes together during the summer that they all will never forget. It was quirky, and fun, and I don't think I've read a book where 4 different people in the story have been the one talking. It was interesting. It's funny how since they live in London they say weird things, haha but hey now I know some British things, if I even remember them at all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sharing Sam by Katherine Applegate

Alison is just minding her own business when Sam comes into her life, by a motorcycle accident. And she realizes at that moment, she knows she's in love. The thing is, her best friend Isabella, or Izzy, is too. But then Izzy has cancer, and Alison can't stand the fact that she would be taking away happiness from Izzy, having a normal teen life, because they say she's going to die in a few months. So she lets Sam go to Izzy, but he starts to fall for Izzy too. And sharing Sam is giving Alison alot of different feelings. Will they be able to fix their relationship and have Izzy be in the picture too? WOW. That was extremely sad. I almost started to cry at the end, I've never cried by reading a book, not yet anyways, but this one almost made me. It was just so precious and the book was really short, and went by so fast, and shows you how short life can be too. It was a really good book.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

Em is trying as best as she can to be in this lifestyle. It doesn't help when all of a sudden your mom has gone missing and your brother, Steven, comes to get answers from you. And Lulu has gone crazy over him too. Then Christopher is determined to destroy Stark because of what they did to Em. Then there's Gabriel Luna whose supposed to be hanging out with her after he writes a song on her and she walks on the runaway to that same song. Then balancing all this along with school and hwe modeling, and her own family. And her paranoia of Stark listening in on everything she says and does. There's alot of secrets that come out. And she has no choice but to break the heart she loves most. This was amazing. Meg Cabot is just such a good author. I loved it. I totlaly didn't expect what happened to happen. I kinda figured that Christopher would eventually find out, especially after they got the information to hack into the files of Stark. But I never expected that the real Nikki was alive somewhere else! I dunno why. And then Em having to break Christopher's heart because Brandon wanting to blackmail his dad was so heartbreaking! I can't wait for the next one to come out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Death by Latte by Linda Gerber

Aphra wants to see her mom again. So she flies to Seattle, because Seth's mom told her that's where her mom was at, but when she gets there and see her mom, her mom is anything but happy to see her. But she ends up taking her to where she's staying at anyways. But she's forced to just sit there. Aphra then goes with her mom to meet Joe somewhere, but he ends up choking on his latte and dying. Then Aphra ends up being followed by Watts, and finds Seth too, who has come back to get his ring that he gave her when they were on the island. It contains some important list with names on it. So they head back to find the ring, when they find out that Joe took it from Aphra. They find the ring with clues from Joe's last few words, but then Watts sees them and they have to make their escape. They end up taking a plane with Ryan, whose not to trust, and crashing in the wilderness, trying to find a way out. They can't trust anyone, but how in the world are they gonna get outta this one? Man, I so have to read the Death by Denim now! I love it, just like the first one, intriguing and mysterious. It is kinda confusing on whose with the CIA and the Mole and all those other people, but hey, it was still good.

Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber

Aphra lives on an island with her dad. They rent out villas and everything to customers. It's not uncommon to see celebrities using fake names coming to the island. It's been like this four years, when her mom just left her and her dad. She hasn't been able to have a normal teen life, away from everyone, just keeping to herself and helping out guests. But one day a weird family comes in, they're not checked in anywhere and given a villa that's currently under construction. Aphra is curious and wants to figure out what's going on. And then, a girl shows up dead on the beach, making it look like an accident, but the strings of her bikini were pulled tight around her. Aphra won't rest until she figures out what's going on, even if it means disobeying her dad and talking to Seth. And now she's sure she's gonna die when she lures the killer away from her dad, whose getting sick. Will she be able to outsmart the killer and find out the information she wants to know? Fabulous. It was fun to read a mystery type novel which I haven't in a while. And I love the cover! Aphra is a unique name to. Very intriguing and mysterious.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning

Molly forms a band called the Hormones. But it's just about having fun with her and her two best friends or should i say mates, Jane and Tara. They play at a girls birthday party, and from there it gets better. Dean comes in the picture and says the band could be better with him, so him and his friend T join the band. They become a big group pretty fast and start going on tour, but being in a band isn't everything it looks like it is. The bandmates don't always get along, riding along in a bus with everything, and annoying the annoying manager Paul. Molly isn't sure this is the life she wanted! I have to say it was good, but not intense or as relatable as some others. But it was cool to see like how a band forming just like that one day can become a big thing. And i def had a rocker girl type spunk to it. That girl on the cover reminds me of that girl named Niki on American Idol season 1, she got third place haha.

Scary Beautiful by Niki Burnham

Chloe is having a great life. She has a serioues boyfriend, with three best friends Amy, Kendra, and Rachel and it's gonna be the beginning of junior year in high school. But then Her boyfriend, Sean, is moving to Connecticut, and they break up. For the past two and a half year she's been living in her own little bubble of sean and chloe, so now it's different when you're gorgeous and by yourself, because girls seem to hate you, and guy wanna hit on you, or you're percieved as dumb or spoiled or maybe even both. But then she meets this cute guy, Billy, the waiter from one of their favorite pizza places, but he's kinda nerdy, and Rachel seems to like him too. So is liking him going to make anything better? It was pretty good. Can kinda relate, not saying I'm like drop dead gorgeous or anything, but I feel it. Although other people do have bigger problems, it does kinda seem like if you're pretty girls hate you and guys just wanna get some. ugh! But I like the book. Def realistic and it was cute.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

Marisa was depressed last year, but she got through it and now she's excited for the new year to come, with her best friend Sterling. They always make promises of new beginnings and a great year to come. It definitely seems like it at first. Derek is the popular boy who Marisa stares at during school, but he's already taken by Sierra. But then they break up, and Marisa actually starts dating him! With some awesome moments, and alot of making out. Then she becomes friends with Nash again. She's totally comfortable with him, until she finds out he likes her! But she doesn't feel it. But that's just the beginning. Because her parents were always so perfect, but something has happened to them and it's so unrealistic to her! And then Derek isn't really giving Marisa the attention she needs, and she suspects him of going back to Sierra. Then Sterling is taking this dating guys online thing too far. But she also discovers Dirk, this guy on the podcast whose annonymous and gives out all this great advice and reads letters and ims people send him. Marisa gets back into depression. What will it take to get her back out of it and start enjoying life again? AMAZING!!!! Wow, this was soooo freaking amazing. no joke. I got so into it. I think because I can relate to some of the things, it made me remember some things that I was feeling when there were problems with my parents, and some with my boyfriend. I just connected to it. And I really loved this book. Damn.

Monday, June 15, 2009

More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet by Lola Douglas

Morgan has been revealed and now everyone knows where she's at. Continuing on her junior year of school is pretty difficult though. Her and Eli aren't on very steady ground, and their relationship can be complicated, especially with Emily being there and all. Morgan is just continuing on her life. Sam, her new stepdad but also manager, is trying to get her more publicity with this Harlan Darly guy, but he doesn't know he raped her when she was 14, and neither do a lot of other people. So it's horrible for her, especially when she sees him in L.A. while on Thanksgiving break. Morgan then decides to be brave and tell her story, and probably will get Eli back. Although it is a cheesy type high school story, that's what she wants, for it to be normal! Loved this one too, dunno if there's another book but if so I'lld ef try to read it. Morgan is great. Like I said before, diary type books are so fun and personal.

True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet by Lola Douglas

Morgan Carter was a celebrity, hanging out with her best friend Marissa, buying the finer things and partying all the time. But the partying went too far, when it came down to drugs and alcohol, Morgan needed to stop. So she's going off to some town where one of her mom's friends lives to be a normal teenager. She changes her hair color and has to buy everything low key, like from Target and Old Navy. She's not sure how things are gonna work, especially the first few days eating lunch in the bathrooms and feeling lonely. But she meets Emily, along with her twin brother Eli, and their little group of friends. Some of them she doesn't like so much, but Emily is really nice. And whether she likes it or not, she starts to like Eli, but so does Debbie. While she's struggling through school and classes, going to a counselor, and going to meetings, her secret is revealed. Who told the press about her? What's her choice? I love it. Haha, I love all the books I read right? That's why I pick them in the first place! But books that are told like they're in a diary with all the character's thoughts and things they say makes it seem even less so like a book and like your reading your friends thoughts. love it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing Queen by Erin Downing

Olivia, also known as Liv, is staying in London for the summer. To be an intern at Music Mix. Her two "flatmates" are Anna and Rebecca. Anna being a great friend and someone relatable, and Rebecca who just talks about herself and has that southern drawl to her voice. But little did Liv know that she was gonna end up hanging out with Josh Cameron, someone famous. The first few times she meets him she gets all clumsy, but then sees that he likes her for being a "normal" girl. But she's also hanging out with Colin on the side, whose just a friend, off limits because Liv thinks he's with Rebecca. But when Josh acts rude she tells him off and doesn't know if it's too late too be with Colin. While Anna is having problems with her mom, not agreeing on what she has to go, which would be going to med school. Will she be able to convince her mom to stay in London, and will Liv figure out her guy problems? Cute, I liked it. These love stories are so different! It's funny how they talk in London, it'd def be weird to go there and hear them, and be confused about what they're saying to you, haha. But it was def cute, and the song dancing queen is great.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

South Beach Sizzle by Suzanne Weyn and Diana Gonzalez

Lula Cruz is from New York. And she's going to school at the University of Miami. Along with her best friend Jeff, who happens to be gay. Lula is supposed to be staying with her dad and Jeff with his uncle, but neither of those work out and they find a place together above a restaurant. Lula starts waitressing there while Jeff is still trying to find a job, but entually starts being the chef. They're both a little rocky, but get in the hang of it. Lula sees this smoking hott guy, Enrique, but the first two times she meets him, she's spilling food on him or herself, or both! But then slowly start hanging out. Then there's this show going on, where the band wins their kitchen to be remodeled. The restaurant owner, Cece, along with a few other people living in the apartments above form a band and start picking up business in the restaurant. But Jeff suspects Enrique of trying to get the dirt on their band, Noche Loco. Will her heart be broken or is this guy the real deal? So cute! I wish I could be hitting up Miami right about now. But it was really cute, and funny. She sounds like me, clumsy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

How NOT to Spend Your Senior Year by Cameron Dokey

Jo O'Connor has always been on the move. Even going to three or four different schools in one school year! And now it's time to move again, so they go a house, which is weird, because it's always been apartments. It's just her and her dad. But this time she's met Alex, and another good friend she makes is Elaine. But unexpectedly, she has to move again, but she doesn't want to this time! And her death is in the paper, to prevent this guy to stop looking for them. But she decides to call herself Claire Calloway now, but people are noticing the difference. She wants to set things right with Alex, but he faints,and word gets around that people are seeing her ghost, she's even nominated for prom Queen, but then there's Mark London, who has been researching Jo O'Connor. Will it turn out ok in the end? Wow this book was really good too! I'm liking how these themes are much different than just yoiur typical love type story, they're so easy to get hooked up, with of course similarities but so many differences. loved it of course.

Ripped at the Seams by Nancy Krulik

Sami Granger is going to New York, from her little town in Minnesota to become a fashion designer. She finds a good deal for a hotel of $64 a night, but finds out, it's actually not so great. And then there's a murder there but she luckily finds a room mate, named Rain whose a model. Sami finds a job at an up and coming designer Ted Fromme. But just as a recptionist, where she meets Bruce, and starts to fall in love for him. But then he actually steals her designs claiming they're his. Tough as she is, she finds another job at a place called "Beneath the Sheets". She's not sure of it, but finds out that Lola is a great friend, and she soon starts to make some of the customer's nighties. Meanwhile, her best friend back home Celia, is pregnant, and having a few complications, but managing. And she still hasn't talked to her dad. Then there's Vin, whose been nothing but there for her. Will she ever realize it, and will she figure it out with her dad and become the big fashion designer she's always wanted to be? I love it. It was kinda different than the others because she already graduated high school. I like how it's in New York and the little phases you can go through by what atmosphere you're in. It's really genuine.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Animal Attraction by Jamie Ponti

Jane has been in a conspiracy her whole life. Never getting any boys at all! But this summer she's already feeling it's gonna be a great summer with her two best friend Melanie and Becca. She gets a job at the local theme park as a Mermaid, but then it all backfires when she can't anymore because she's then deemed as professional which means sno scholarships for her, yeah right she can't pass that up. But now her job is being a beaver! It's already hot outside, add on that costume and it's blazing. But she meets a great friend, Grayson. But then she has to give someone swimming lessons, and it turns out to be this gorgeous male named Alex, whose 17! They soon hit it off, but Jane's caught in a dilemna. She doesn't Cant Alex to know about her beaver suit, but her once best friend now enemy Crystal is getting in the way. Will she be able to hold on to Alex, or will someone else sweep her off her feet? Of Course I loved it, like I said, these little romance novels are so cute and a fast read. I love them cuz they're so fun and flirty and innocent, and might as well read em all now while I'm still young haha.

Frogs and French Kisses by Sarah Mlynowski

Rachel's mom and her sister Miri, both have powers, because they're witches! And Rachel is trying to get over a social dilemma, so Miri whips up a spell and accidently makes Rachel's crush's older brother, Will, fall in love with her, not Raf like she originally wanted. While Miri is becoming obsessed with using her powers to do good for the world, save oil from the water, fix the ozone layer, making clean water, and feeding the homeless, just to name a few. While her mom, who hasn't used magic since forever, is using a whole bunch to help her go on dates with a whole bunch of dates. She's starting to think she's the only sane one when she is trying to like Will but is just so loving Raf. And then there's this little problem where prom is gonna get cancelled!! But in the end they figure it out, until it's about to start to rain, and Rachel gets her first spell done. It's so awesome. Quirky and def teen type thinking. I loved this book and of course I'm reading it out of order, but oh well!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Airhead by Meg Cabot

Emerson is being dragged along to go to the opening of the new Stark megastore with her sister Frida, who she really doesn't wanna go out. But she gets her best friend, who she secretly has more feelings for, Christopher, to come with. There's some new artist Gabriel Luna who Frida is dying to get an autographed cd for. But then all of a sudden the supermodel Nikki Howard comes walking by and one of the protestors shoots a tv, which is about to fall on Frida, so Emerson dives and then all she sees is black. And being sleepy for a long time. And her voice is sounding different, and then she discovers she's Nikki Howard. WHAT! Emerson's brain has been put in Nikki Howard's body, and now she's gonna have to live like Nikki did, along with her best friend Lulu and her on again off again boyfriend Brandon Stark. But it's not easy, especially when she's trying to get Christopher to see that it's really her, and she wants it to be like old times. Awww it's so sad how she loves Christopher so much but can't tell her secret. It must be very weird to be in someone else's body but be yourself still. I loved it. Meg Cabot is amazing. I can't wait to read Being Nikki. I really wanna know how it's gonnna play out with Christopher!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Rayford is a pilot flying a plan to London. Buck is a passenger on the plane who happens to be an amazing writer for Global Weekly. Ray has a wife and two kids back at home. But he's been flirting with Hattie. And he's thinking of maybe making a move on her when she comes in hysterical and says tons of people have just disappeared. He goes out to see and it's true. Over half the plane is missing, and all their clothes are neatly stacked where they once were. They call in and find out this is happening everywhere. And in the book, it follows Rayford and Buck whose paths come together at the end. Rayford's wife and son Ray jr are gone, but his daughter Chloe is still with him. Rayford doesn't know what's going on, but thinks it might have been what his wife Irene was always talking about, how God took everyone. And he slowly starts to believe it, and tries to convince Chloe it believe too. while Buck is trying to write a story in this new guy, Nicolae Carpathia, who has become the president of the UN. He has this demeanor and greatness about him that has everyone sucked into his beliefs. But there is supposed to be an Antichrist, and Rayford along with the pastor left behind Bruce believe it to be true. These are the lives of the people who were left behind. Wow, this was an intense, awestruck book. Both of the lives it follows was interesting, although some parts in Buck's story were a little confusing. It just made you get sucked in, and it's not some little thing like teen books with drama, but having to do with all these people gone and how the rest of these people are coping and with the Antichrist and everything. It is a work of art for sure.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

3 Willows the Sisterhood Grows by Ann Brashares

Three best friends Ama, Polly, and Jo are drifting apart. Once when they were young and all their moms didn't pick them up until later. They went to 7-11 to get junk food then they had their three plants and planted them right next to each other. But as they grew older they grew apart. Now it's the summer before high school. Polly is staying at home, but has an idea to become a model. Her and her mom don't talk much. Her mom goes to the studio and doesn't get home until later. Polly has some ideas about this modeling thing, but is let down. Jo is going to the beach house with just her mom. Because her dad is always working late at the hospital. She's the one with the new popular friends. So she gets a job and meets Zach, who she feels is so cute and amazing, but then gets in the middle of her and this bitch Effie, who happens to have had a fling with Zach last summer. Then Ama wanted to get another program to Andover, but ends up going to some Camp Wilderness. Where she knows it'll be miserable. She wants to go somewhere with books and libraries and getting A's. But it toughens her up and she learns new things about herself. While one bad experience she gets lost, and wants to go home, but decides she can't give up. All three of them maybe talk here and there over the summer but not like before. Not until Polly's mom, Dia, is unconscious from drinking and has to go to the hospital. Then they all three are together again, but wonder will it work out like before? I loved it! It's a good story on friendship and how friends grow apart from each other. It's also sad. But I thought it was kinda weird that Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was mentioned and that Effie is actually Lena's sister and Polly babysit's for Tibby's brother and sister. I wonder if there will be another one? hm

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Perfect Life by Dyan Sheldon

Ella has everything perfect, her friends, her family, her grades. But then Ella's new best friend Lola secretly nominates her for president. And as Sam for her vice president. Along with the most popular girl Carla Santini, who used to be Ella's best friend. And another dork named Morty. As the race goes along, things get crazy. Ella is furious at Lola, but then after a while changes her mind and wants to get down and dirty. And she also figures out that her life really isn't all that perfect, but in the end it's ok because she has her family and friends supporting her. I thought it was ok. Haha, you know what it really reminded me of was like an episode of a T.V show like even Stevens or Lizzie McGuire! Haha. just thought of that. But yeah.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe

Jasmine is trying to enjoy her vacation at the Ventian hotel in Las Vegas. And she's actually liking it, but then it all turns to worse when this cat just jumps on her and starts clawing her so she runs over and interrupts a wedding! And gets in trouble, of course this isn't the first time. But then her friends Tom, Polly, and Roxy come to help her out and they end up getting involved in this big mystery. About Fiona, whose famous, and her son Fred and his cat Mad Joe. While the story gets more twisted and complicated as they go, Jasmine is a sleuth, and knows how to find fingerprints and all that. And in the end she figures out who done it. And saves the day, of course her dad is furious, but what isn't new? I loved it. And it was really funny on the bottom there were like little extra conversations between the characters about the story happening above. It kinda reminds me know of like a modern teenager Nancy Drew type thing. haha.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Novel Idea by Aimee Friedman

Norah is not a romantic. So she says, but she secretly reads romance novels on the side. But a meeting with Ms. Bliss on Valentine's Day makes her realize she needs some extracurricular activities going on! Her best friends Allie and Scott help her to make a bookclub. The first meeting brings Norah, Allie, Scott, two geekys guy,and Fransesca, some glamour girl. But as the book club goes along they learn alot about each other and a few relationships form. Norah is falling for James, who she thought weas geeky at first but then def falls for him. So she plots something that's used to one of her romance books. But it's not working out, while this famous young author, Phillapa Askance is supposed to be at a signing. With all of this she is so distracted and not thinking about college so much. But will it work out with James? Aw I thought it was cute, and funny because the book mentioned what books Fransesca wanted to read and I knew them like A-List, the Au Pairs, Gossip Girl! haha. But it was def cute. It's even better to read a book where the character in the book loves to read too! :]

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Party Games by Whitney Lyles

Sara's mom is an event planner and she works with her, which keeps her busy all the time. She gets a crush on the cute guitar guy, whose name ends up being Ian. But then she's too busy to have time for anything. She's just waiting to turn 16 so she can get her driver's license and a car! But then Dakota London, the popular girl at school wants her to plan her sweet 16th, and wants Ian as her date. She's been caught up more in doing parties since her mom started going out with Gene. And everything seems to be going topsy turvy for her. But will it turn out sweet in the end? I love these cute little romance teen novels. They're so happy and sweet, plus they're a fast read.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Infamous by Cecily Von Ziegesar

It's Thanksgiving break and everyone is excited to have a break from Waverly Academy. Now Jenny and Tinsley are much closer, along with Callie, while Brett is still not really talking to Tinsley. So Callie gets this secret note from Easy, whose away in military school, to meet him on the top of the Empire State building, so she decides to go with Jenny to New York, and so does Tinsley whose family tells her last minute that their house is still having fumes from paint. But Jenny's apartment is kinda weird with her dad having these Hare Krishna people. So they end up staying at Yvonne's house all weeked. Jenny falls for a guy, AGAIN! And Tinsley warns her to just have fun. While Tinsley is trying to play it cool for Julian. And Callie is spending time with Ellis, who has a girlfriend so they can play it cool. While Brett is at home and finds out her sister's boyfriends family is over and they're all stuck up and rich. so she invites Sebastian over to have more fun. And Brandon's girlfriend Sage breaks up with him because he's too sweet. So him and Heath stay on campus and go to dr. Dunderdorf's house to hook up with his twin daughters. Yay, today the new book came out woot woot can't wait. But def loved this one too! I mean if you think about it there's gonna be alot of these books it's only Thanksgiving break on the seventh book! haha