Monday, June 29, 2009

Adored by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Brett got assigned to do the Secret Santa assignments and also the holiday ball. But little did she know that someone was gonna ruin it for her. Heath Ferro, of course. Sent out an email telling everyone to give each other dirty gifts. So then people are giving chocolate penises, edible massage oils, and lots of other inappropriate things. Then Jenny agrees to have some freshman girls film her for their class, but realizes it's really not too gamorous having them in her face all day and night watching her put on make-upp. Not too exciting. Then Tinsley isn't sure about going out with Jullian anymore, when she finds out he isn't a virgin. And Callie is using Sebastain to get over Easy, when Brett is really the one that likes him and vice versa. Another crazy time with the four girls. I loved it! I still can't believe it's not even Christmas break yet for them and it's the 8th book, but that's good then you'll know for sure way more books are coming out right? :]

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