Monday, March 30, 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Mary lives in this village with fences surrounding her. The "unconsecrated" are like some type of zombie people? And all her life she's been trained to stay away and get on the platforms if theres a breach. She loses her mom and her dad to them. While her and Harry have always been friends, she's fallen for Travis, and once he goes to the cathedral form an injury, she goes to him. She's been a sister and wants to find out more about a mysterious Gabrielle. Her mom also told her about the ocean, never ending water. And then her village is breached, but there's a pathway that they're forbidden to go on, that leads them somewhere. She's with Harry, Travis, Cass, her brother Jed, his wife Beth, Jacob, and the dog Argos. While along the path they come through many problems, eventually find another village, and some die. In the end, Mary reaches the ocean. WOW! This was such an amazing book! REALLY!! :] I loved it, I'mglad I borrowed it from Ashley fer shure! It kinda reminds me of like I am Legend, or the Village haha. But It's really great and everyone reads it, def. some good emotions churning in those words.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Ghost's Child by Sonya Hartnett

Matilda is an old woman relaxing when a young boy appears in her guest room and she tells the sotry of her past. Feather, a free soul on the beach, she falls in love with. Her mom doesn't like it, but her dad agrees as long as he loves her back it's ok, so they live together in a cottage, but she can tell he isn't happy here, but to be somewhere where he's always gazing, on the horizon. He disappears one night and she gets a boat and tries to find him. I thought this book was ok, it was kinda weird. I mean she was talking to animals and everything, I'm also not really sure what a nargun is, def gotta look that up! But it had a few good paragraphs on love. But it was ok.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the abc's of kising boys by Tina Ferraro

Parker didn't make it to Varsity soccer, but JV. So now her friends Chrissandra, Mandy and Elaine are treating her like dirt. She hatches a plan to have Luke kiss her on the day of a sports fair and demand the coach to put her on varsity. She hires Tristan, the freshman on her street to teach her different kisses. She doesn't think that she''ll get any feelings for him, but she does. In the meanwhile she starts hanging out with her old best friend Becca. What will happen to Parker, will she make it to varsity and get her friends back or be alone? And what about Tristan, is it real? I loved this book! haha The cherries and starbursts at the beginning is cute, and cover is awesome. It's very...juicy! It's crazy how so many "popular girl" their lives suck and their friends dont treat them nice. I'm glad my friends aren't like that! But i liked the book and yeah..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sofi Mendoza's Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico by Malin Alegria

Sofi is Mexican, but doesn't really know how to speak spanish or anything about Mexico. Her parents crossed the border and now they live in America. She wants to go to some party in Mexico so lies to her parents and going down there, but her crush for years Nick ends up what she doesn't expect. As they're going back across the border, her green card doesn't work so she's forced to stay in Mexico, with her dad's sister and their family, two insanely hyper boys, her uncle and her cousin. She's devastated and hates it, but slowly starts to appreciate her family there and Mexico itself. She meets Andres, and really does love him. Then there's finally a way for her to get back, her grandma finds documents to show that she was born there. So she goes back, but not the same person as before. I thought this was really good, and definitely captured how lost someone can be about their life, and their own culture and about love. It's so sad how some people live, while we here in America just care about buying more and more things, and about money. I wish it wasn't like that. But anyways, this was an amazing book about how one little choice can change your whole life.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hot Girl by Dream Jordan

Kate is a foster kid. When she was younger she got in alot of trouble, fighting other kids, going to prison a few days, just plain being a bad ass. She's in the Johonson's household and doesn't wanna go to another one! Charles has always been her homeboy, but she's had feelings for him. It's the summertime and her best friend Felicia is in South Africa. While she's at a basketball game, she meets Naleejah, some high flying diva girl. Naleejah wants to be her friend, so they start hanging out. Kate gets new hair and wearing some fly outfits to get Charles' attention. But then she finds out that Charles isn't how she thought he was. So at a party she goes to, when she lied and said she was spending the night at Naleejah's, she finds out the truth. And no more Naleejah, but Felicia comes back and her best friend is all she needs. I thought it was a really good book. It's sad how she had to go through so much, going to like 12 different houses because they kicked her out or didn't treat her the same. Now knowing her parents and having to fend for herself. But it was a good book.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Life as a Rhombus by Varian Johnson

Rhonda had an abortion three years ago when her boyfriend Christopher just dumped her. Now she's a good girl. She tutors and gets perfect grades and wants to go to Georgia Tech. Then she has to tutor Sarah, a girl at her high school, when she usually teaches younger kids. She gets to know Sarah and finds out she's pregant. But whose the dad? And then Sarah's brother David takes an interest in Rhonda, but she doesn't want to jepordaize anything. And then her relationship with her dad seems to have gotten to distant after the abortion she had. What happens with er relationships with these people? I think this was a really good book. It's another story of a young lady trying to forget something from the past, and making new relationships. It was an awesome book.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What my Girlfriend Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones

This is told by Robin Murphy, with poems, who has been made fun of and called Murphy. I'm not really sure why! But ok. He has this amazing girlfriend Sophie and doesn't believe after break she'll still wanna be with such a nerd. But she does. Her two best friends ditch her and everyone makes fun of them. Robin doesn't want to put his bad luck on her, so when he finds out someone said don't pull such a Stein, which is her last name he's devastated and decides he needs to break up with her, but she already knows and it's ok with her! Robin gets to go into a Harvard art class for drawing. Little does he know that the models are posing nude! But the good thing, is that he actually feels accepted, everyone talks to him and treats him like a friend. But then when they all hang out for one of the girls birthdays he ends up taking jello shots not knowing and gets a little too cozy with Tessa. Will Sophie find out and if she does what will happen to Robin? I really liked this book! I did go through it really fast, extra fast, because it was poems, but I love it. Especially since it's written from a guys point of view. Poems really can tell a story.

Island Girl by Sandra Byrd

Meg is going to live with her Grammy and Papa in I think it's called Suavie Island. She gets there and this new girl Tia is sitting in one of the three chairs usually occupied by her, her grammy, and her papa. She at first doesn't seem to like Tia, but then eventually gets to know her when they run a berry stand. It isn't working out well. They both wanna make money. Tia wants to buy a ticket for her friend, Daniel's mom to come to the states to be with him. Meg wants to get new running shoes and outfits and things like that. They then come up with a brillant idea of making smoothies. The business goes really well. Along the way Meg is gaining faith in God. She has to also decide between staying on the island or going back to her mom, who just had a new baby. Whatever she decides, she knows it's in her heary and she'sgoing to follow it. I really liked it. It kinda reminded me of what we talked about in anthropology class, about identifying with yourself because Meg was white and Tia was from Mexico. How people in the same ethnic group hang out together. I think it was good to show how that can mix, I mean they were only 13, but hey you learn new things everyday at any age! It also really made me want a smoothie! :]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cracked up to be by Courtney Summers

Parker was I guess some perfect girl, until some party ruined it all. She got drunk and failed to report what happened to one of her friends Jessie. It's really intrigueing cuz througout the book there are little parts of the story adding up. It's like what happens next?! So Chris was her boyfriend, who is know trying to go out with Becky. The new guy Jake comes to school and she ends up liking him without wanting to. She's a tough character. I liked it because it showed a different side of things, other than problems like with guys, she was kinda confused on who she really was. That's the type of vibe I got from it. So yeah, I liked it and it went by pretty fast, but I'd still recommend reading it so you can see what I'm talking about! :]

Mexican Rural Development and the Plumed Serpent by Betty Bernice Faust

ok so you'reprobably wondering like what in the world book is this? haha well i had to read this book for anthropology! and I actually did read the whole thing word for word so I thought I might as well put it on here! :] it was very boring and im glad im done with it haha

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate

This book is about Summer Smith. She lives in Bloomington, Minnesota. It's a rainy day, then her mom says that her aunt invited her to spend the summer in Crab Claw Key, Florida, how could she say no? On the way there this lady with tarot cards says she'll meet 3 guys, a mysterious one, a bad one, and the right one. Little did she know, it really would turn out that way! Adam is the son of a billionaire, a senator. She kinda falls for him, but finds out something "bad". Diane, her cousin, puts her in this little mildewy house the day she arrives. She then meets Diver, who is already living there, and has a name for the Pelican.She finds out that heis very "mysterious." She then meets Seth, who happens to be just right. Though it sounds easier than what really went down. Marquez she also meets the first day who is a crazy outgoing friend, and gets her a job. They work together all summer. Diane is fighting with depression but not letting anyone know about it. Marquez's ex, J.T seems to be Summers long lost brother, but is he really? And Sean Valetti, the crush she's had for a few years back home ends up coming down with his uncle, and she finds out he's a jerk. But who does she end up with, and is J.T. really her brother? Guess you'll have to read to find out! This book was good, i really wish it was summer right now instead of snowing, raining, hailing, and windyNess! :[ but it shall come. It is a pretty fat book, but I got it through it pretty fast, like I knew I would. But anyways, it was good. I liked it. There are probably lots of books similar to it, but hey I don't really care!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Privilege by Kate Brian

This is crazyness! Ariana Osgood is in the Brenda T Correctional Facility. She cares for no one, except Kaitlynn Nottingham. Kaitlynn's story is how her best friend Briana Leigh Covington framed her for killing her father, when Briana is really the one who killed him for inheritance money. Ariana vows to get out and save both of them. She sets the plan in motion, by first faking a suicide so she gets sent to some room to be by herself. Then it's 4th of July and she escapes. First dying her hair and getting colored contacts. And changing her name to Emma. She finds this Briana Leigh and becomes her friend, because she really has none. Ariana can't find the money though! No matter how hard she looks, it's not there. In the meantime she starts hanging with Briana and meets Hudson. He really is a gentleman, and she starts to get hooked, but can't keep it going, so she ends it. Briana and Ariana get a little closer, while Briana tells Ariana the truth, of what really happened with her father, that Kaitlynn did kill him, not her. Briana has a boyfriend Teo, who ends up asking her to marry him, but her grandma won't let her. She HAS to go to this exclusive school. But she gets the idea of Ariana pretending to be her so that she can go with Teo. Then on the plane there, Briana starts blubbering cuz she's drunk and says she killed her father, but she really didn't! Ariana kills her, and gets Dr. Meloni to get Kaitlynn free. But the real story, is that Kaitlynn did have an affair with Briana's dad and did kill him! Ariana gets knocked out, but has a Plan B with Briana's grandma's jewels. She sends a letter to Teo telling him they're breaking the engagement. Before she goes to the school, she goes to her own funeral to see everyone for the last time, because when she killed Briana, she made it seem like that was her body. Now she's off to a fresh new start at this school, totally forgot the name dang! She sees the it girls and introduces herself as Briana Leigh Covington, or Ana. Man, Ariana is crazy! This is the 4th person she's killed and she doesn't even seem to feel much regret or anything. Two of those people were completely innocent too, one of them being Briana! This book is really well written. Ariana has her own problems, just like everyone in life. She's see by Reed in the Private novels as being so lucky and all, but she has gone through alot and now is gonna go back to school, where she's always wanted to. But I know there's more drama to come!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Girls on Film by Zoey Dean

Second book in the series. Anna's sister Susan, who was supposed to be in rehab, got kicked out and now she's living in L.A. with Anna. Susan starts to become friends with Cammie, which Anna def does not like. For one of their classes they're supposed to do a project so Sam and Ann want to make a film together. Ann writes the script, and they go out to this nice place,Veronique's spa, to shoot it. Anna is still avoiding Ben and starts hanging out with Adam, who seems to be the only real guy. But then she decides she just doesn't wanna be in a relationship right now. Meanwhile, Sam is starting to have a little feelings for Anna, mainly just wants to kiss her! Uh oh. She ends up deciding that she just wants to be good friends with her. And Anna decides she's just going to do what she feels, so after going on a jog and seeing Ben, she takes him back to her room and just becomes free. I loved it, of course. I probably love every book I read haha, but that's ok! It's sad how they're implying that all of their families are dsyfunctional and parents are always gone and not caring. I guess it is true, I don't really know, but it's like they don't even have a real family. I'm glad I do, that's for sure.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar

So, I also am going to buy a new gossip girl book whenever I have money and go to Half Price Books! :] I think I've read some of these before, because they sound a little familar. Blair is used to Serena being gone, and now she's the number one girl. But then Serena comes back into town and it's not the same for either of them. Blair doesn't want to even talk to her, and Serena is excited for how things used to be, but then she sees it's not going to be like that. Dan really likes Serena and can't believe she's back. Jenny is a freshman girl at their high school who also loves Serena, as her idol. But then, Vanessa, she likes Dan, but they're just friends! So it's all these people who are connected somehow. Blair finds out that Nate, her boyfriend, and a friend of Serena's lost his virginity to her. Then Nate goes back to Blair. We'll see what happens later. Can't wait to read more! I really think gossip can like destroy some people, but this is just a fun, juicy type of book! :]

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I LOVE this book! This is the closest picture of what the cover of my book looks like, it's almost the same, but oh well. kinda sad. Anyways, this book is written so awesome. The way the main character, Rebecca Bloomwood loves to shop and describes how it feels and she has to buy this, and has to get that, because it's an investment. Then the bills keep coming and coming but she stuffs them away. And then ironically she writes a paper on how this bank did wrong on the next door neighbors of her parent's house. So all of a sudden she's known everywhere and gets asked to go on a show and battle it out against Luke Brandon. A guy she def is trying to think isn't hot, but really he is. She gets offered a slot at a t.v. show called Morning Cofee. So all is well. And she pays off her debt at the end! I think it's hilarious and I can't wait to read all the other ones too! :]

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

So, I've already read this, but I already own number 3 and 4 of the series so why not buy the first 2? Now just have to get #2 and it'll be complete! :] I love this book, and the movie was great. I like how the 4 stories of these different girls combine together to form this amazing friendship, where they always know they have each other. I wish I could have something like that, but I do know I have an awesome best friend, so that's ok! :] I love this book. That's all there is to it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The AList by Zoey Dean

So, I have read one of the a-list novels randomly because i didn't know it was a series! But now everytime I go to Half Price Books, if it's there, I'll buy the next one in the series. I already knew the characters, but never knew how they started out. Anna Percy is moving from New York to L.A. to be with her father. She gets invited to Jackson Sharpe's wedding by a guy she meets on the plane named Ben Birnbaum. They go together and she gets to meet all of his friends, Sam Cammie, and Dee. Who she doesn't wanna have herself be scoailized with. Ben wants to take her someplace special, they go out on a boat together and she almost loses her virginity to him but then says no. He goes to get the car ready and then is gone! She doubts herself and why she ever even wanted to be with someone like him. Meanwhile, Sam is having her own party, but as always is so self conscious about her body. Anna finds that she's going to be going to the same high school as everyone else when the internship her dad promised fails. Ben tries to make it up but then she realizes she is free, finally. I liked the book. Even though there are books that do have girls all rich and everything, some are different, like this one. It's always funny to see all the names of all these designers that I wouldn't have none otherwise. But yeah, wish I was in Sunny Cali right now!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Paradise Lost by Kate Brian

So, I love the Private novels. This one was no exception! It wasn't as intense as some of the others, but I don't think it's supposed to be. Reed is on vacation with all her friends. She want sot be the Fun Reed. Then Noelle and the girls inform her of this game about Upton. This unbelievably hot guy all the girls wanna hook up with. Whoever does first wins. Reed thinks to herself she won't get into that, but then she does. Upton is interested in her and vice versa, how could she not be? Poppy, the girl who gets all attention, goes missing after a scene at the club with Upton, her supposed to be boyfriend, who really isn't. No one is worried about her and say it happens all the time. So Reed gets further into the relationship with Upton. But feels as if someone is stalking her, rustling in some bushes, someone in the photo at an exclusive photo shoot. Then they all have Casino night, a big awesome party with couture dresses. Upton and Reed go to be alone and Mrs. Ryan and Poppy see them. Upton runs off to Poppy while Reed feels betrayed she goes to calm down and then the book ends with her falling down, because someone pushed her. Reed really has had everything turn so bad on her. I hope no one really goes through all of that! Man. Hopefully there will be another Private novel this year! Can't wait! :]

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last Christmas The Private Prequel

Wow. Intense times 100! So I advise you not to read this blog or this book before you've read the first 4 private novels, unless you skip the first part at the beginning, which is the prologue, but really is something that happened later in the private novels. So Ariana is the good girl, going out with Daniel. Just got into Billings, best friend Noelle. It's all good right? But then Thomas Pearson gets into her life and there;s no going back! It starts out by little flirtations, but then escalates. Ariana goes to meet Thomas when she's supposed to be in Vermount with Daniel and his family. Over the break, Ariana and Thomas become a couple. But sneaking around campus isn't always easy. She feels like someone is stalking her. She finds a pic taken of her and Thomas kissing in Thomas' room and loses it. She gets these panic attacks. She and Thomas examine the pictures carefully, and think that Sergei is the one whose stalking her. She ends up killing him, pushing him down into the frozen water of the lake, but then she finds out he didn't do it. This girl Mel does, who was Thomas' ex. Now Mel is threatening to break their relationship up. Arianna kills her too, just to be together with Thomas. She breaks up with Daniel over the summer and can't wait to see Thomas, but then Reed Brennan, the new girl, is with Thomas. Thomas gives Reed something he once gave her and she loses it. And then we get into the Private novels. I am very excited to read the latest one Paradise Lost! I love the Private novels and think everyone should read them! Kate Brian is a really great author. This book was def amazing, heart pouding, emotional, all wrapped into one. Can't wait to read Privelege.