Monday, March 2, 2009

Paradise Lost by Kate Brian

So, I love the Private novels. This one was no exception! It wasn't as intense as some of the others, but I don't think it's supposed to be. Reed is on vacation with all her friends. She want sot be the Fun Reed. Then Noelle and the girls inform her of this game about Upton. This unbelievably hot guy all the girls wanna hook up with. Whoever does first wins. Reed thinks to herself she won't get into that, but then she does. Upton is interested in her and vice versa, how could she not be? Poppy, the girl who gets all attention, goes missing after a scene at the club with Upton, her supposed to be boyfriend, who really isn't. No one is worried about her and say it happens all the time. So Reed gets further into the relationship with Upton. But feels as if someone is stalking her, rustling in some bushes, someone in the photo at an exclusive photo shoot. Then they all have Casino night, a big awesome party with couture dresses. Upton and Reed go to be alone and Mrs. Ryan and Poppy see them. Upton runs off to Poppy while Reed feels betrayed she goes to calm down and then the book ends with her falling down, because someone pushed her. Reed really has had everything turn so bad on her. I hope no one really goes through all of that! Man. Hopefully there will be another Private novel this year! Can't wait! :]

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