Monday, March 23, 2009

Hot Girl by Dream Jordan

Kate is a foster kid. When she was younger she got in alot of trouble, fighting other kids, going to prison a few days, just plain being a bad ass. She's in the Johonson's household and doesn't wanna go to another one! Charles has always been her homeboy, but she's had feelings for him. It's the summertime and her best friend Felicia is in South Africa. While she's at a basketball game, she meets Naleejah, some high flying diva girl. Naleejah wants to be her friend, so they start hanging out. Kate gets new hair and wearing some fly outfits to get Charles' attention. But then she finds out that Charles isn't how she thought he was. So at a party she goes to, when she lied and said she was spending the night at Naleejah's, she finds out the truth. And no more Naleejah, but Felicia comes back and her best friend is all she needs. I thought it was a really good book. It's sad how she had to go through so much, going to like 12 different houses because they kicked her out or didn't treat her the same. Now knowing her parents and having to fend for herself. But it was a good book.

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