Thursday, March 19, 2009

Island Girl by Sandra Byrd

Meg is going to live with her Grammy and Papa in I think it's called Suavie Island. She gets there and this new girl Tia is sitting in one of the three chairs usually occupied by her, her grammy, and her papa. She at first doesn't seem to like Tia, but then eventually gets to know her when they run a berry stand. It isn't working out well. They both wanna make money. Tia wants to buy a ticket for her friend, Daniel's mom to come to the states to be with him. Meg wants to get new running shoes and outfits and things like that. They then come up with a brillant idea of making smoothies. The business goes really well. Along the way Meg is gaining faith in God. She has to also decide between staying on the island or going back to her mom, who just had a new baby. Whatever she decides, she knows it's in her heary and she'sgoing to follow it. I really liked it. It kinda reminded me of what we talked about in anthropology class, about identifying with yourself because Meg was white and Tia was from Mexico. How people in the same ethnic group hang out together. I think it was good to show how that can mix, I mean they were only 13, but hey you learn new things everyday at any age! It also really made me want a smoothie! :]

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