Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last Christmas The Private Prequel

Wow. Intense times 100! So I advise you not to read this blog or this book before you've read the first 4 private novels, unless you skip the first part at the beginning, which is the prologue, but really is something that happened later in the private novels. So Ariana is the good girl, going out with Daniel. Just got into Billings, best friend Noelle. It's all good right? But then Thomas Pearson gets into her life and there;s no going back! It starts out by little flirtations, but then escalates. Ariana goes to meet Thomas when she's supposed to be in Vermount with Daniel and his family. Over the break, Ariana and Thomas become a couple. But sneaking around campus isn't always easy. She feels like someone is stalking her. She finds a pic taken of her and Thomas kissing in Thomas' room and loses it. She gets these panic attacks. She and Thomas examine the pictures carefully, and think that Sergei is the one whose stalking her. She ends up killing him, pushing him down into the frozen water of the lake, but then she finds out he didn't do it. This girl Mel does, who was Thomas' ex. Now Mel is threatening to break their relationship up. Arianna kills her too, just to be together with Thomas. She breaks up with Daniel over the summer and can't wait to see Thomas, but then Reed Brennan, the new girl, is with Thomas. Thomas gives Reed something he once gave her and she loses it. And then we get into the Private novels. I am very excited to read the latest one Paradise Lost! I love the Private novels and think everyone should read them! Kate Brian is a really great author. This book was def amazing, heart pouding, emotional, all wrapped into one. Can't wait to read Privelege.

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