Thursday, March 19, 2009

What my Girlfriend Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones

This is told by Robin Murphy, with poems, who has been made fun of and called Murphy. I'm not really sure why! But ok. He has this amazing girlfriend Sophie and doesn't believe after break she'll still wanna be with such a nerd. But she does. Her two best friends ditch her and everyone makes fun of them. Robin doesn't want to put his bad luck on her, so when he finds out someone said don't pull such a Stein, which is her last name he's devastated and decides he needs to break up with her, but she already knows and it's ok with her! Robin gets to go into a Harvard art class for drawing. Little does he know that the models are posing nude! But the good thing, is that he actually feels accepted, everyone talks to him and treats him like a friend. But then when they all hang out for one of the girls birthdays he ends up taking jello shots not knowing and gets a little too cozy with Tessa. Will Sophie find out and if she does what will happen to Robin? I really liked this book! I did go through it really fast, extra fast, because it was poems, but I love it. Especially since it's written from a guys point of view. Poems really can tell a story.

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