Monday, March 9, 2009

Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar

So, I also am going to buy a new gossip girl book whenever I have money and go to Half Price Books! :] I think I've read some of these before, because they sound a little familar. Blair is used to Serena being gone, and now she's the number one girl. But then Serena comes back into town and it's not the same for either of them. Blair doesn't want to even talk to her, and Serena is excited for how things used to be, but then she sees it's not going to be like that. Dan really likes Serena and can't believe she's back. Jenny is a freshman girl at their high school who also loves Serena, as her idol. But then, Vanessa, she likes Dan, but they're just friends! So it's all these people who are connected somehow. Blair finds out that Nate, her boyfriend, and a friend of Serena's lost his virginity to her. Then Nate goes back to Blair. We'll see what happens later. Can't wait to read more! I really think gossip can like destroy some people, but this is just a fun, juicy type of book! :]


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