Monday, March 30, 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Mary lives in this village with fences surrounding her. The "unconsecrated" are like some type of zombie people? And all her life she's been trained to stay away and get on the platforms if theres a breach. She loses her mom and her dad to them. While her and Harry have always been friends, she's fallen for Travis, and once he goes to the cathedral form an injury, she goes to him. She's been a sister and wants to find out more about a mysterious Gabrielle. Her mom also told her about the ocean, never ending water. And then her village is breached, but there's a pathway that they're forbidden to go on, that leads them somewhere. She's with Harry, Travis, Cass, her brother Jed, his wife Beth, Jacob, and the dog Argos. While along the path they come through many problems, eventually find another village, and some die. In the end, Mary reaches the ocean. WOW! This was such an amazing book! REALLY!! :] I loved it, I'mglad I borrowed it from Ashley fer shure! It kinda reminds me of like I am Legend, or the Village haha. But It's really great and everyone reads it, def. some good emotions churning in those words.

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