Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Privilege by Kate Brian

This is crazyness! Ariana Osgood is in the Brenda T Correctional Facility. She cares for no one, except Kaitlynn Nottingham. Kaitlynn's story is how her best friend Briana Leigh Covington framed her for killing her father, when Briana is really the one who killed him for inheritance money. Ariana vows to get out and save both of them. She sets the plan in motion, by first faking a suicide so she gets sent to some room to be by herself. Then it's 4th of July and she escapes. First dying her hair and getting colored contacts. And changing her name to Emma. She finds this Briana Leigh and becomes her friend, because she really has none. Ariana can't find the money though! No matter how hard she looks, it's not there. In the meantime she starts hanging with Briana and meets Hudson. He really is a gentleman, and she starts to get hooked, but can't keep it going, so she ends it. Briana and Ariana get a little closer, while Briana tells Ariana the truth, of what really happened with her father, that Kaitlynn did kill him, not her. Briana has a boyfriend Teo, who ends up asking her to marry him, but her grandma won't let her. She HAS to go to this exclusive school. But she gets the idea of Ariana pretending to be her so that she can go with Teo. Then on the plane there, Briana starts blubbering cuz she's drunk and says she killed her father, but she really didn't! Ariana kills her, and gets Dr. Meloni to get Kaitlynn free. But the real story, is that Kaitlynn did have an affair with Briana's dad and did kill him! Ariana gets knocked out, but has a Plan B with Briana's grandma's jewels. She sends a letter to Teo telling him they're breaking the engagement. Before she goes to the school, she goes to her own funeral to see everyone for the last time, because when she killed Briana, she made it seem like that was her body. Now she's off to a fresh new start at this school, totally forgot the name dang! She sees the it girls and introduces herself as Briana Leigh Covington, or Ana. Man, Ariana is crazy! This is the 4th person she's killed and she doesn't even seem to feel much regret or anything. Two of those people were completely innocent too, one of them being Briana! This book is really well written. Ariana has her own problems, just like everyone in life. She's see by Reed in the Private novels as being so lucky and all, but she has gone through alot and now is gonna go back to school, where she's always wanted to. But I know there's more drama to come!

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