Thursday, March 26, 2009

the abc's of kising boys by Tina Ferraro

Parker didn't make it to Varsity soccer, but JV. So now her friends Chrissandra, Mandy and Elaine are treating her like dirt. She hatches a plan to have Luke kiss her on the day of a sports fair and demand the coach to put her on varsity. She hires Tristan, the freshman on her street to teach her different kisses. She doesn't think that she''ll get any feelings for him, but she does. In the meanwhile she starts hanging out with her old best friend Becca. What will happen to Parker, will she make it to varsity and get her friends back or be alone? And what about Tristan, is it real? I loved this book! haha The cherries and starbursts at the beginning is cute, and cover is awesome. It's very...juicy! It's crazy how so many "popular girl" their lives suck and their friends dont treat them nice. I'm glad my friends aren't like that! But i liked the book and yeah..

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