Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scary Beautiful by Niki Burnham

Chloe is having a great life. She has a serioues boyfriend, with three best friends Amy, Kendra, and Rachel and it's gonna be the beginning of junior year in high school. But then Her boyfriend, Sean, is moving to Connecticut, and they break up. For the past two and a half year she's been living in her own little bubble of sean and chloe, so now it's different when you're gorgeous and by yourself, because girls seem to hate you, and guy wanna hit on you, or you're percieved as dumb or spoiled or maybe even both. But then she meets this cute guy, Billy, the waiter from one of their favorite pizza places, but he's kinda nerdy, and Rachel seems to like him too. So is liking him going to make anything better? It was pretty good. Can kinda relate, not saying I'm like drop dead gorgeous or anything, but I feel it. Although other people do have bigger problems, it does kinda seem like if you're pretty girls hate you and guys just wanna get some. ugh! But I like the book. Def realistic and it was cute.

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