Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty Things by Sarra Manning

This is about Charlie, Daisy, Brie, and Walker. They all tell their story as the book goes through. They're in a drama club over the summer where the teacher, is kinda weird. And they all bitch and complain about the roles they get. The thing is, they're all twisted up into their relationships. Brie and Charlie are best friends, and Charlie is gay. But Brie thinks she loves Charlie, and he's not going for it. Because he thinks he's in love with Walker, and Walker is straight. Then Daisy is gay and has a girlfriend back at some peace camp, but Walker thinks he's in love with her. But they both fight and aren't very likable to each other. It all comes together during the summer that they all will never forget. It was quirky, and fun, and I don't think I've read a book where 4 different people in the story have been the one talking. It was interesting. It's funny how since they live in London they say weird things, haha but hey now I know some British things, if I even remember them at all.

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