Thursday, June 11, 2009

Frogs and French Kisses by Sarah Mlynowski

Rachel's mom and her sister Miri, both have powers, because they're witches! And Rachel is trying to get over a social dilemma, so Miri whips up a spell and accidently makes Rachel's crush's older brother, Will, fall in love with her, not Raf like she originally wanted. While Miri is becoming obsessed with using her powers to do good for the world, save oil from the water, fix the ozone layer, making clean water, and feeding the homeless, just to name a few. While her mom, who hasn't used magic since forever, is using a whole bunch to help her go on dates with a whole bunch of dates. She's starting to think she's the only sane one when she is trying to like Will but is just so loving Raf. And then there's this little problem where prom is gonna get cancelled!! But in the end they figure it out, until it's about to start to rain, and Rachel gets her first spell done. It's so awesome. Quirky and def teen type thinking. I loved this book and of course I'm reading it out of order, but oh well!

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