Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Airhead by Meg Cabot

Emerson is being dragged along to go to the opening of the new Stark megastore with her sister Frida, who she really doesn't wanna go out. But she gets her best friend, who she secretly has more feelings for, Christopher, to come with. There's some new artist Gabriel Luna who Frida is dying to get an autographed cd for. But then all of a sudden the supermodel Nikki Howard comes walking by and one of the protestors shoots a tv, which is about to fall on Frida, so Emerson dives and then all she sees is black. And being sleepy for a long time. And her voice is sounding different, and then she discovers she's Nikki Howard. WHAT! Emerson's brain has been put in Nikki Howard's body, and now she's gonna have to live like Nikki did, along with her best friend Lulu and her on again off again boyfriend Brandon Stark. But it's not easy, especially when she's trying to get Christopher to see that it's really her, and she wants it to be like old times. Awww it's so sad how she loves Christopher so much but can't tell her secret. It must be very weird to be in someone else's body but be yourself still. I loved it. Meg Cabot is amazing. I can't wait to read Being Nikki. I really wanna know how it's gonnna play out with Christopher!

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