Saturday, June 20, 2009

Death by Latte by Linda Gerber

Aphra wants to see her mom again. So she flies to Seattle, because Seth's mom told her that's where her mom was at, but when she gets there and see her mom, her mom is anything but happy to see her. But she ends up taking her to where she's staying at anyways. But she's forced to just sit there. Aphra then goes with her mom to meet Joe somewhere, but he ends up choking on his latte and dying. Then Aphra ends up being followed by Watts, and finds Seth too, who has come back to get his ring that he gave her when they were on the island. It contains some important list with names on it. So they head back to find the ring, when they find out that Joe took it from Aphra. They find the ring with clues from Joe's last few words, but then Watts sees them and they have to make their escape. They end up taking a plane with Ryan, whose not to trust, and crashing in the wilderness, trying to find a way out. They can't trust anyone, but how in the world are they gonna get outta this one? Man, I so have to read the Death by Denim now! I love it, just like the first one, intriguing and mysterious. It is kinda confusing on whose with the CIA and the Mole and all those other people, but hey, it was still good.

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