Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

Marisa was depressed last year, but she got through it and now she's excited for the new year to come, with her best friend Sterling. They always make promises of new beginnings and a great year to come. It definitely seems like it at first. Derek is the popular boy who Marisa stares at during school, but he's already taken by Sierra. But then they break up, and Marisa actually starts dating him! With some awesome moments, and alot of making out. Then she becomes friends with Nash again. She's totally comfortable with him, until she finds out he likes her! But she doesn't feel it. But that's just the beginning. Because her parents were always so perfect, but something has happened to them and it's so unrealistic to her! And then Derek isn't really giving Marisa the attention she needs, and she suspects him of going back to Sierra. Then Sterling is taking this dating guys online thing too far. But she also discovers Dirk, this guy on the podcast whose annonymous and gives out all this great advice and reads letters and ims people send him. Marisa gets back into depression. What will it take to get her back out of it and start enjoying life again? AMAZING!!!! Wow, this was soooo freaking amazing. no joke. I got so into it. I think because I can relate to some of the things, it made me remember some things that I was feeling when there were problems with my parents, and some with my boyfriend. I just connected to it. And I really loved this book. Damn.

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