Friday, June 5, 2009

My Perfect Life by Dyan Sheldon

Ella has everything perfect, her friends, her family, her grades. But then Ella's new best friend Lola secretly nominates her for president. And as Sam for her vice president. Along with the most popular girl Carla Santini, who used to be Ella's best friend. And another dork named Morty. As the race goes along, things get crazy. Ella is furious at Lola, but then after a while changes her mind and wants to get down and dirty. And she also figures out that her life really isn't all that perfect, but in the end it's ok because she has her family and friends supporting her. I thought it was ok. Haha, you know what it really reminded me of was like an episode of a T.V show like even Stevens or Lizzie McGuire! Haha. just thought of that. But yeah.

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