Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Novel Idea by Aimee Friedman

Norah is not a romantic. So she says, but she secretly reads romance novels on the side. But a meeting with Ms. Bliss on Valentine's Day makes her realize she needs some extracurricular activities going on! Her best friends Allie and Scott help her to make a bookclub. The first meeting brings Norah, Allie, Scott, two geekys guy,and Fransesca, some glamour girl. But as the book club goes along they learn alot about each other and a few relationships form. Norah is falling for James, who she thought weas geeky at first but then def falls for him. So she plots something that's used to one of her romance books. But it's not working out, while this famous young author, Phillapa Askance is supposed to be at a signing. With all of this she is so distracted and not thinking about college so much. But will it work out with James? Aw I thought it was cute, and funny because the book mentioned what books Fransesca wanted to read and I knew them like A-List, the Au Pairs, Gossip Girl! haha. But it was def cute. It's even better to read a book where the character in the book loves to read too! :]

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