Monday, June 15, 2009

True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet by Lola Douglas

Morgan Carter was a celebrity, hanging out with her best friend Marissa, buying the finer things and partying all the time. But the partying went too far, when it came down to drugs and alcohol, Morgan needed to stop. So she's going off to some town where one of her mom's friends lives to be a normal teenager. She changes her hair color and has to buy everything low key, like from Target and Old Navy. She's not sure how things are gonna work, especially the first few days eating lunch in the bathrooms and feeling lonely. But she meets Emily, along with her twin brother Eli, and their little group of friends. Some of them she doesn't like so much, but Emily is really nice. And whether she likes it or not, she starts to like Eli, but so does Debbie. While she's struggling through school and classes, going to a counselor, and going to meetings, her secret is revealed. Who told the press about her? What's her choice? I love it. Haha, I love all the books I read right? That's why I pick them in the first place! But books that are told like they're in a diary with all the character's thoughts and things they say makes it seem even less so like a book and like your reading your friends thoughts. love it.

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  1. Did you know there's movie on this book.I think it's on the lifetime channel. With JoJo as Morgan. I liked the movie but haven't read the books yet .


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