Thursday, June 11, 2009

Animal Attraction by Jamie Ponti

Jane has been in a conspiracy her whole life. Never getting any boys at all! But this summer she's already feeling it's gonna be a great summer with her two best friend Melanie and Becca. She gets a job at the local theme park as a Mermaid, but then it all backfires when she can't anymore because she's then deemed as professional which means sno scholarships for her, yeah right she can't pass that up. But now her job is being a beaver! It's already hot outside, add on that costume and it's blazing. But she meets a great friend, Grayson. But then she has to give someone swimming lessons, and it turns out to be this gorgeous male named Alex, whose 17! They soon hit it off, but Jane's caught in a dilemna. She doesn't Cant Alex to know about her beaver suit, but her once best friend now enemy Crystal is getting in the way. Will she be able to hold on to Alex, or will someone else sweep her off her feet? Of Course I loved it, like I said, these little romance novels are so cute and a fast read. I love them cuz they're so fun and flirty and innocent, and might as well read em all now while I'm still young haha.

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