Monday, June 8, 2009

Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Rayford is a pilot flying a plan to London. Buck is a passenger on the plane who happens to be an amazing writer for Global Weekly. Ray has a wife and two kids back at home. But he's been flirting with Hattie. And he's thinking of maybe making a move on her when she comes in hysterical and says tons of people have just disappeared. He goes out to see and it's true. Over half the plane is missing, and all their clothes are neatly stacked where they once were. They call in and find out this is happening everywhere. And in the book, it follows Rayford and Buck whose paths come together at the end. Rayford's wife and son Ray jr are gone, but his daughter Chloe is still with him. Rayford doesn't know what's going on, but thinks it might have been what his wife Irene was always talking about, how God took everyone. And he slowly starts to believe it, and tries to convince Chloe it believe too. while Buck is trying to write a story in this new guy, Nicolae Carpathia, who has become the president of the UN. He has this demeanor and greatness about him that has everyone sucked into his beliefs. But there is supposed to be an Antichrist, and Rayford along with the pastor left behind Bruce believe it to be true. These are the lives of the people who were left behind. Wow, this was an intense, awestruck book. Both of the lives it follows was interesting, although some parts in Buck's story were a little confusing. It just made you get sucked in, and it's not some little thing like teen books with drama, but having to do with all these people gone and how the rest of these people are coping and with the Antichrist and everything. It is a work of art for sure.

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