Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe

Jasmine is trying to enjoy her vacation at the Ventian hotel in Las Vegas. And she's actually liking it, but then it all turns to worse when this cat just jumps on her and starts clawing her so she runs over and interrupts a wedding! And gets in trouble, of course this isn't the first time. But then her friends Tom, Polly, and Roxy come to help her out and they end up getting involved in this big mystery. About Fiona, whose famous, and her son Fred and his cat Mad Joe. While the story gets more twisted and complicated as they go, Jasmine is a sleuth, and knows how to find fingerprints and all that. And in the end she figures out who done it. And saves the day, of course her dad is furious, but what isn't new? I loved it. And it was really funny on the bottom there were like little extra conversations between the characters about the story happening above. It kinda reminds me know of like a modern teenager Nancy Drew type thing. haha.

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