Saturday, June 13, 2009

South Beach Sizzle by Suzanne Weyn and Diana Gonzalez

Lula Cruz is from New York. And she's going to school at the University of Miami. Along with her best friend Jeff, who happens to be gay. Lula is supposed to be staying with her dad and Jeff with his uncle, but neither of those work out and they find a place together above a restaurant. Lula starts waitressing there while Jeff is still trying to find a job, but entually starts being the chef. They're both a little rocky, but get in the hang of it. Lula sees this smoking hott guy, Enrique, but the first two times she meets him, she's spilling food on him or herself, or both! But then slowly start hanging out. Then there's this show going on, where the band wins their kitchen to be remodeled. The restaurant owner, Cece, along with a few other people living in the apartments above form a band and start picking up business in the restaurant. But Jeff suspects Enrique of trying to get the dirt on their band, Noche Loco. Will her heart be broken or is this guy the real deal? So cute! I wish I could be hitting up Miami right about now. But it was really cute, and funny. She sounds like me, clumsy!

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