Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cupidity by Caroline Goode

Laura Sweeney is trying to find a boy to go to the homecoming dance with! So she pleads to the Roman God and Cupid comes to help, disguised as Cupidity, this new girl who has all the guys falling head over heels for her. But Laura gets suspcious of these weird couples popping up outta nowhere, including one of her best friends Peter with Megan, the cheerleading captain. And Jake, the prep king, with Emma whose all gothic. So she investigates and discovers this magical power of Cupid's is real. But how is she gonna get things back to normal when Cupidity gets hit by her own arrow too? It was cute. I liked the idea of it, at first when the Roman gods were talking to themselves and stuff i was like wth? But then it was just part of the story. Ha, but def creative and a good read

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