Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting to Third Date by Kellu McClymer

Katelyn is giving up on guys. She has a third date rule. But the truth is, she hasn't even gone on a third date before. She's in her first year of college and is Mother Hubbard, who gives out advice to the students about relationships and love. Only a few people know she's Mother Hubbard, since it's annonymous. One of them is her crush, Tyler. To make things more juicy for the paper he challenges her to pick three guys to go on that third date and give them another chance, the first two don't go very well, but then the third time with Stephen, she actually likes him back and they go out. But will it even last? It was a pretty good book, it reminded me of When It Happens because of the annonymous thing, but it was pretty cute.

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