Friday, June 12, 2009

How NOT to Spend Your Senior Year by Cameron Dokey

Jo O'Connor has always been on the move. Even going to three or four different schools in one school year! And now it's time to move again, so they go a house, which is weird, because it's always been apartments. It's just her and her dad. But this time she's met Alex, and another good friend she makes is Elaine. But unexpectedly, she has to move again, but she doesn't want to this time! And her death is in the paper, to prevent this guy to stop looking for them. But she decides to call herself Claire Calloway now, but people are noticing the difference. She wants to set things right with Alex, but he faints,and word gets around that people are seeing her ghost, she's even nominated for prom Queen, but then there's Mark London, who has been researching Jo O'Connor. Will it turn out ok in the end? Wow this book was really good too! I'm liking how these themes are much different than just yoiur typical love type story, they're so easy to get hooked up, with of course similarities but so many differences. loved it of course.

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