Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing Queen by Erin Downing

Olivia, also known as Liv, is staying in London for the summer. To be an intern at Music Mix. Her two "flatmates" are Anna and Rebecca. Anna being a great friend and someone relatable, and Rebecca who just talks about herself and has that southern drawl to her voice. But little did Liv know that she was gonna end up hanging out with Josh Cameron, someone famous. The first few times she meets him she gets all clumsy, but then sees that he likes her for being a "normal" girl. But she's also hanging out with Colin on the side, whose just a friend, off limits because Liv thinks he's with Rebecca. But when Josh acts rude she tells him off and doesn't know if it's too late too be with Colin. While Anna is having problems with her mom, not agreeing on what she has to go, which would be going to med school. Will she be able to convince her mom to stay in London, and will Liv figure out her guy problems? Cute, I liked it. These love stories are so different! It's funny how they talk in London, it'd def be weird to go there and hear them, and be confused about what they're saying to you, haha. But it was def cute, and the song dancing queen is great.

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