Monday, June 1, 2009

Infamous by Cecily Von Ziegesar

It's Thanksgiving break and everyone is excited to have a break from Waverly Academy. Now Jenny and Tinsley are much closer, along with Callie, while Brett is still not really talking to Tinsley. So Callie gets this secret note from Easy, whose away in military school, to meet him on the top of the Empire State building, so she decides to go with Jenny to New York, and so does Tinsley whose family tells her last minute that their house is still having fumes from paint. But Jenny's apartment is kinda weird with her dad having these Hare Krishna people. So they end up staying at Yvonne's house all weeked. Jenny falls for a guy, AGAIN! And Tinsley warns her to just have fun. While Tinsley is trying to play it cool for Julian. And Callie is spending time with Ellis, who has a girlfriend so they can play it cool. While Brett is at home and finds out her sister's boyfriends family is over and they're all stuck up and rich. so she invites Sebastian over to have more fun. And Brandon's girlfriend Sage breaks up with him because he's too sweet. So him and Heath stay on campus and go to dr. Dunderdorf's house to hook up with his twin daughters. Yay, today the new book came out woot woot can't wait. But def loved this one too! I mean if you think about it there's gonna be alot of these books it's only Thanksgiving break on the seventh book! haha

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