Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beautiful Disaster by Kate Brian

Ariana is now starting her new life as Briana Leigh Covington at the exclusive school, Atherton-Pryce High. She's not sure at first which group to pick, but she picks the right one, with Maria, Soomie, Lexa, and Brigit, becoming her new group of friends. She's retaking her entrance exams to get into higher classes, and feeling pretty good. But her life of Privilege isn't so easy. She's into Lexa's boyfriend, Palmer, whose the president of the gold team. All of her friends get picked to be in gold, and if they win the competitions of welcome week they get admitted into the Privileged house, where there are co ed dorms. While Ariana is trying to fit in and not set up any suspicions toward her, she has many other problems to worry about. How Kaitlyn calls her up and demands for a million dollars in three days, how to resist Palmer, how to figure out the girls secrets, and a surprise visit from someone. She has a full place. But what will this girl do to get her life back to how she wants it?...... Dang, Ariana is def a crazy bitch, haha. She'll do ANYTHING to get what she wants. I mean, the goal is good, getting good grades and going to Princeton, but damn, she's pretty intense. I liked the book, but it's kinda psycho sometimes. But Kate Brian is still awesome. And the ending was totally unexpected, at least for me it was.


  1. Hi i'm Kylie....
    I miss out the revelation fro kate not sure if its sold out in my country or what but i couldnt seems to find it...
    do you mind summarizing a little about revelation for me and what the climax there? im so so so wanting to know :( thanks

  2. byt the way im now on paradise lost....waiting for suspicions too..... still its not OK to miss revelation ..


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