Monday, July 20, 2009

Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian

Lane, Isabelle, and Vivi. Three best friends, along with Curtis. There is def a problem. Izzy's boyfriend Shawn treats her horribly but she always goes back to him, and this time Lane and Vivi want it to stop! Especially with prom coming up so soon, Shawn gets caught groping another girl and asking that same one to prom later on. But Izzy still can't help herself for him. So Vivi makes up a crazy plan to distract Izzy by making up a guy for her on Myspace. Lane doesn't want to, but in the end she does it for her friend. And then they go ever farther and try to find the guy to fake it! And so they can go to prom together. Vivi and Lane are just doing the right thing for their best friend. This book was really cute! I mean, how can you not like two friends who would do that for their other friend. It is pretty crazy though. I wonder if people have actually done that, or how she came up with this story! But how ever she did, it's great. And the cover too, it kinda threw me off though cuz I was kinda expecting them to be finding like a Ken for the Barbie haha.

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  1. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag


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