Sunday, July 12, 2009

Avalon High by Meg Cabot

Elaine moved, again. Because her parents are professors who go on their sabbatical and move to somewhere else for a year. So she starts going to Avalon High. And she sees this guy, Will, even before school starts in the park while she was jogging. She instantly feels an attraction for him, but he already has a girlfriend, Jennifer. Of course the blonde cheerleader. But this book is filled with mystery, when all these coincidences with the story of Arthur are finding its way into her life. She doesn't believe it, but one of her teachers, Mr. Morton does. How will it all end? With the characters having so many things in common with King Arthur and his circle of people. But Elain doesn't believe it, does she? This was really good! It was different I think. I haven't read anything like it before where it's like so many things similar to something in the past and all that. But of course it's from Meg Cabot, who is basically a genius at writing books now so it makes sense :]

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