Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tall Cool One by Zoey Dean

Anna doesn't seem to grasp the concept of just having a one night stand with someone so she takes up the offer her dad gave her to check out Las Casitas and she meets Kai. She tells herself she can do it, but still overanalyzes everything in her head. She wants to get physical but isn't sure if she really can. Meanwhile, Cammie and Adam are trying to heat things up but all their attempts keep backfiring and messing up and Cammie actually cares for Adam, when she knows she can have anyone. Sam is feeling sorry for herself when all guys want from her is to get through to her dad. But then she remembers about Anna's little trip down to Mexico and goes to join her. But who woulda thunk, they get in some trouble. Sam met this amazing guy and now thinks everything will be ruined. Will she get to see him again? And what about Anna will she ever get over Ben? Of course I loved it, just another book in the series, I'm keeping on going with all these books in series haha.

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