Saturday, July 11, 2009

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Auden has missed out on alot of things during her teenage years. Because her parents split up and she was the responsible studious one while her brother Hollis went gallavanting all across Europe. But things change when Auden goes to stay with her dad and his new wife Heidi with their baby, Thisbe. It seems like her add isn't helping with the baby at all. While Auden meets Eli and gets to do things she never did before. But it's easier said than done. By the end of the summer though, she does make new friends, Maggie, Leah, and Esther. But will she be able to make it with Eli? And what about her dad and Heidi? Is there a second chance for all of them? Of course I loved it, Sarah Dessen has some of the best books! Auden is a great character, that shows how you can miss out on high school, but still learn some of the same things and have some of the same experiences outside of it, even when you think it's too late. I love the cover too, it's adorable, and perfect for the book, and so is the title.

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