Friday, July 10, 2009

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Anna and Frankie are best friends. But before, there was Matt, Frankie's older brother Matt, who was also a best friend. Ever since they were kids they were inseparable, but Anna loved Sam in a different way, and then she found out he loved her like that too. They kept it a secret, but then right before they were going to tell Frankie, Matt died in a car accident. After that everything changed. Anna is stuck in the past with Matt, keeping their secret a secret still, while Frankie, well Frankie is just out of control. So, the family still decides to go to their vacation to Zanzibar, California. Where Frankie and Anna agree to meet twenty boys from the twenty days they are there. That is easier said than done. They have to balance out being the good girls Frankie's parents see, and their bad side, drinking, meeting boys, staying out late at night. And this summer secrets are revealed and their hearts will never be the same again. OMG This book was extremely emotional and written very well. The way the story is told rips your heart apart and makes you feel like it happened to you. It was more meaningful than other teens stories, and kida teaches you lessons about life, or about yourself. I really enjoyed, and I'm glad Ashley let me borrow it! :]

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