Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cat's Meow by Melissa de la Cruz

Back Cover: Cat McAllister grew up as a Hollywood child star, spent her adolescence modeling in Japan, and now, as she celebrates her twenty-fifth birthday for the fourth time, she lives for velvet ropes, Moet & Chandon, gold-leaf invitayions, and other fashionista prizes. But on her way up the social ladder, making her way past the who's who and the what's what, Cat finds herself stuck in that seventh circle of celebrity hell. What's worse, her funds are running dry. What's a girl to do? Marry rich. And so the ruckus begins, taking us from China for a baby adoption, to Paris for the couture shows, to the "it" world of Gotham. And that's just the hors d'oeuvres. Punctuated with Kim DeMarco's illustrations, Cat's Meow is a spectacularly witty novel about a young woman looking for love, clothes, and what will make her truly happy in life. At first I kinda wasn't feeling it, but then I got into the spunk of Cat. But then of course alot of name dropping and other random things got me a little confused, cuz hey, I'm not a fan of that stuff, but it's cool. I love how different the characters are though. And New York City always being a place of crazy things. Especially in movies crazy stuff always happens there! Makes sense though right? But I love the wittiness and the characters attitudes. It was hilarious to read too.

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