Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucky T by Kate Brian

Back of book: So far, Carrie' Fitzgerald's sixteen years have been pretty sweet, Striaght A's, an adorable boyfriend, a starting position on the varisty basketball team... But Carrie's luck is about to, well change. Sudden;y, her boyfriend dumps her (to "hang out with his friend"), she and her best friend have a massive blowout, and she gets a D on a biology test. Carrie knows what's wrong- her mom accidently donated her lucky T-shirt to Help India. That one adorable, perfect T-shirt was the source of all her good fortune. So Carrie does what any girl would do: she's going to India. Cross your fingers and hope that Carrie finds adventure, love, and maybe just a little good luck along the way... That was amazing. I love how different Kate Brian's book are. This one was filled with things that are so true. And makes you feel like you really are in India! And of course, everyone knows, how we take things for granted here in good ol America, right? But I love learning about other cultures and Indian one sounds awesome.

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