Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Front Flap: As children, Jennifer Harris and Cameron Quick were both social outcasts. They were also each other's only friend. So when Cameron disappeared without warning, Jennifer thought she'd lost the one person who would ever understand her. Now in high school, Jennifer has been transformed. Know as Jenna, she is popular, happy, and dating- everything "Jennifer" couldn't be. But she still can't shake the memory of her long-lost friend. When Cameron suddenly reappears, they both are confronted with memories of their shared past and the drastically different paths their lives have taken. Well, let me say, at first I wasn't really feeling it, I kinda wanted to stop reading it, but then I was like wth, just read some more! And then I got hooked. The writing seems different than alot of other authors. But Jennifer is a complicated girl. It's crazy how someone can write things like that. I mean, it's sometimes really hard to write things down how you're feeling. But Jennifer was trying to be different, but she really was the same, and it's kinda sad. Cuz it feels like the whole time she's faking things, except for when she's with Cameron. I thought it was good. A story of how memories can take a big toll on our lives.

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