Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls by Zoey Dean

Back Cover: Yale graduate Megan Smith has big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger debt: $75,000 in college loans. She grabs a job at a trashy tabloid, gets fired (small wonder: nothing can make her care which celebrity just got a nose-job), and then gets an offer she just can't refuse. Seventeen-year-old identical twins Rose and Sage Baker are Palm Beach heiresses best known for their massive fortunes and penchant for flashing the paparazzi. Their grandmother offers to pay off Megan's loans if she can tutor the girls and get them into Duke. But the twins aren't about to bend their celebutante schedules to learn algebra. Megan quickly discovers that she has to know her Pucci from her Prada to reach these students. If she can look the part, maybe- just maybe- she can teach them something. What Megan could never imagine is what the whole experience is about to teach her... This was a great book! I loved it because it kinda proved that some famous people anre't all dumb, even though this is just a book. Because famous people are perceived to be dumb, like Paris Hilton ya know? But Megan is just trying to help out the girls, and finds out that she can't write the story she was originally going to, because she actually got to know the girls and they got to know her too. Even though she lost James, she found Will. And things were rocky, but they worked out in the end. There are so many books about the rich people and their lives, but this one is from an outer perspective, a girl who is trying to tutor these two famous ones on taking the SAT, I mean it's like great! haha I liked this book better than the A-list ones actually, Zoey Dean needs to write some more books like this ya know? And it's funny because this took place in Florida, and I just read Tan Lines which was in Florida too, but yeah. And I love the gold bikini, one day I should be able to fit into one like that lol. But yeah, good book for sure.

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