Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Faded Denim: Color me Trapped by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: All of Emily's friends seem so perfect. They're skinny and pretty and, of course, are fun and flirty to boot. Especially Leah, who, as Emily rememberms it, used to be the chubby girl in school. Now Leah is on her way toward becoming America's next top model. Literally. Why can't I look like her? Emily loathes her slightly overweight body, her insecure personality, and sometimes even her "perfect" friends. As Leah and Becca, another gorgeous friend, discuss the latest fashion trends and "magical thigh-reducing creams", Emily's secret bitterness begins to eat away at her soul. Emily takes drastic measures, putting herself in danger of death, which she will avoid only if she comes to terms with the issues weighing down her heavy heart. Amazing book of course! It just made me feel like I was the one getting made fun of, and a few times in my elementary school I was but not because of how I looked, well sometimes, but mostly other things I don't wanna really mention, but bascically I know how it is to be made fun of, not like in the teen sense though, which seems even more harsh. But it really does suck and make you start to doubt yourself, but as long as God on your side you can make it through. Emily becomes anorexic because she wants to look like her best friend Leah. And she's tired of being big. And she isn't patient. That's the thing with trying to lose weight. You have to be patient, and you don't have to necesarrily have to go on a diet. As long as you eat what you should like fruits and vegetables and protein and things like that you'll lose weight. Especially cutting down on pop. I lost 6 lbs by not drinking pop as much, like once a week or less, and eating healthier. Then exercise. So it really is so sad, it tears me up to hear about these stories of bullimia and anorexia. But when you're in that type of atmosphere it gets to ya. but Emily did have God, even though she pushed Him aside she still had him there in her heart. That's what matters most.

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