Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming Queen by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: The Carter House experiences a shake-up as one of its own returns home after an unnerving disappearing act. Then, friction grows as a school homecoming queen race heats up, turning friends and housemates against one another. DJ, Eliza, Taylor, Kriti, Rhiannon, and Casey show they have plenty of lessons to learn as the votes roll in. Some grow smarter and closer to God, while others seem to make the same mistakes over again. Despite their differences and disagreements, the Carter House girls continue to grow together, forging a bond that strengthens through hardship. Hearts can change, and friendship paves the way for at least one girl to move closer to God. Another amazing book and some things were surprising! It was so sad that DJ has to be in physical therapy and in so much pain but what she did was def heroic and amazing. For some reason, when I saw the title Homecoming Queen, I immediately thought it would be DJ, just because like she's a normal girl, but everyone likes her and can relate to her. And it kinda reminded me of me! Because I got prom queen, and I am like not even that popular or anything but it was great, because I had a dream of me and boyfriend winning, and we won for senior prom! the best ever, anyways I'm glad DJ won, but who knows how Eliza felt! They didn't mention her, because they did say Taylor was happy! Who knows, the next book will reveal. And with Casey, she is just a troublemaker, but at least she's trying to change and she has really great friends to help her along the way! This is an addicting series too and cna't wait to read the next one although that will probably be in a while, oh well. also i love the dress on the cover. pink is my favorite color, and it looks so cute!

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