Sunday, September 6, 2009

Monkey Business by Sarah Mlynowski

Back Cover: MB is for a Master's in Business degree. Supposedly. It's also for. Multiple Bed-hopping. Definitely Kimmy's favorite subject. And who cares if her conquests are already taken? If only business school offered a minor in boyfriend embezzlement... Monogamous Boyfriend. Russ didn't intend to be unfaithful- he never thought he'd find one woman who wanted him, let alone two. But since he can't even pick a major, how can he choose a girlfriend? Marriage Bait. Layla's obssessed with perfection: perfect grades, perfect six-figure salary, perfect New York investment-banker husband. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans... Misleading Behavious. Jamie might be a jokester, but he has more secrets than the CIA, including one whammy that could get him expelled. Temptations. Drama. Beer Bashes. How will they ever find time to study? This was a really good book too! I think I find myself liking books with different people telling their story but having a common ground where they know each other and for relationships. Because it's just so personal you get to see each person individually by themselves. But I hated how Russ was cheating on Sharon with Kimmy. It just made me so pissed off! I dunno why, I mean because I just don't understand how people can cheat. Maybe it's just like a pet peeve or something, I dunno. It isn't fun to me to read about it! But besides that sometimes when there was talk of business type things I was just like la la reading stuff I don't understand... haha. But I loved it! She's a really great author. And I like how it's not a teen book haha I am def trying to read as many of those as I can before I'm not really interested in them or ya know too old for them, but I dunno, it seems harder to find books for young women like in their twenties, but whatever. Ha, it was a good book though. Oh and also I dunno how they could stand having a bathroom for women and men! I guess it was good for some people though but it'd be really weird to me.

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