Saturday, September 19, 2009

Angels on Sunset Boulevard by Melissa de la Cruz

Back Cover: The Angel's Practice, or TAP, is the kind of cult that doesn't exist. There are no rules and no records, just a Myspace-like website. All you need to know is that it will define who you are and what you will become. Admist the glittering L.A. nightlife, TAP parties are the place to see and be seen, especially in the exclusive back room. Taj and her rocker boyfriend, Johnny, are TAP elite, so when Taj meets preppie outside Nick at a party, she doesn't give him a second thought. But then Johnny goes missing, along with Nick's sister. And suddenly Taj and Nick are teaming up to question TAP's darker side... This was an intriguing book. It was kinda weird, and I wanted to knwo what the heck happened in that back room. At first I thought I had an idea cuz it said she took off her shirt and bra, and then I was pretty much kinda right. And that's really weird stuff? And the buying people stuff thing I kinda didn't understand either. all I know is that I got hooked on it, even though I wasn't exactly sure what was going on. And I kinda have to admit I don't like the ending. I mean it sounds like there's another book? But it just ends so like abruptly ya know? no closure or anything, no conclusion haha. kinda left me hanging, or that's what I felt like! But it was def intense and I love Melissa de la Cruz so I gotta check it out to see if there's another cuz if so then i'm in!

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