Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fall of Candy Corn by Debbie Viguie

Back Cover: Fall is in the air, and without completely knowing why, Candace Thompson has signed up to continue what was supposed to be a short-term summer job at the local theme park. Working with Kurt doesn't hurt, but a surprising kink involving her youth group, as well as the shock of an unexpected setback, threaten to be more painful. Candace's autumn holds as many surprises as her summer. I LOVE IT! :] These are so cute, and they portray the season in a great way! Candy is so just fun and it's just easy to read and go along with. I kinda think she should be with Josh though! And while I was reading, I was eating some candy corn, how perfect huh? Ha. But this one was more intense than the summer one, and kinda scary, especially with those creepy guys! I can sympathise with that, I hate when guys hit on me and bother me, yuck. And yeah, I hope they tell us the secret that Josh told Candy, cuz they mentioned it and I bet they will in the next one. It makes you want to know even more! And I don't think Kurt is right for Candy, they don't click well. But on to the next one, man I read this one fast, good! hehe

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