Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Forest Dwellers, Forest Protectors by Richard Reed

Back Cover: The ethnographies in the Cultural Survival Studies inEhtnicity and Change series, edited by David Maybury-Lewis and Theodore MacDonald, Jr., of Cultural Survival, Inc., Harvard University, focuses on key issues affecting indigenous and ethnic groups worldwide. Each title builds on introductory material by going further in-depth and allowing students to explore, virtually first-hand, a particular issue and its impact on a culture. Paperback and brief, each enthography is written in a clear, accessible style for both students and the general reader. So I just had to read this book for my anthropology class and I read the whole thing, it's just 96 pages, but it was pretty interesting, of course kinda boring sometimes but yeah! Woo glad to add on another book to mah evergrowing list! I'm so super right? Being in school reading a book a day along with reading for school and doing homework and studying and working, it's amazing! fo sho

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