Sunday, September 20, 2009

Killer Cruise by Jennifer Shaw

Back Cover: Pool 1, Caribbean Deck Met HOT crewmember while soaking up the sun! The Santorini Restaurant, Olympia Deck Heard about last year's mysterious disappearance on board. What could have happened? Movie Theater, Fiesta Deck Still can't stand horror flicks. Too scary. Paris Boutique, Panama Deck Then again, so was my near-death fall overbaord last night...Glamorous Spa, Bermuda Deck Must relax. No one's trying to kill me- I'm just being paranoid. Club Paradise, Diablo Deck But what if someone does want me dead? Interesting description on the back of the book, it's different i like it and then i don't like it haha. But this was a great book! It was suspenseful and scary! I actually got scared. Books that get me in the moment like that and make me feel like the character are the best kind! And somewhere near the end I kind had a suspicion that it was Charlotte, I don't remember what part but it just seemed absurd but it was! Man, I'm glad it worked out for Logan and her. even though just because someone kisses really good doesn't mean they can't be a killer cuz she said it like oh someone who kisses that good can't be a killer haha yeah right even though he wasn't but still lol.

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