Saturday, November 14, 2009

Queen Geeks in Love by Laura Preble

Back Cover: Shelby Chapelle was a loner whose ideal night involved old sci-fi flicks and chocolate. But last year, she met the tall, tattooed Becca Gallagher and her life changed. Together with Goth-poet Amber Fellerman and number-obsessed Elisa Crunch, they formed the Queen Geek Social Club and set out to find others of their kind. This year, Becca has big plans for the Queen Geeks. She thinks working on the club's website and planning GeekFest (a talent show of geek-tastic proportions) should be Shelby's number one priority. Guys always have been strictly secondary to the goal of spreaking geekiness to every corner of Green Pines High School.. and then the world! But sophomore year heats up when Shelby is swept off her feet by the karaoke stylings of a guy named Fletcher. Then Becca and Amber fall for the same guy, which results in a cursed love triangle. (Or a doomed love rhombus, if you count Shelby and Fletcher.) The going can get tought when Queen Geeks fall in love, but Shelby knows that being true to your inner geek is the most important thing. that, plus peace, love and chocolate. This was a great book. Hilarious. I was kinda mad at Shelby for acting how she did toward Fletcher, but hey she's only 15 right? So I guess that's a good enough excuse. It was funny because it's so great to look at like the opposite of these series like A List and Gossip Girl where they're all rich. These girls are geeks, and they still are having a good time with life and having problems like everyone else does. And the cover is great. Love the purple tights and pink shoes. So fun! And that robot Euphoria is funny. At first I waslike wth. But then I guess I got used to it, but it is def weird and I guess geeky, but also cool. And the others characters are great. I loved those costumes and names they made up, it was like ok... but funny. And I so totally knew that big tall guy Carl had to be the bunny! And he was! And now everyone is paired off, so let's see what happens at prom!

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